Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Blessing

Our baby was blessed at a shower given by several girls from the church that we currently attend.

The church that is much different than where I would choose to attend, if I had a choice, but one that has known and loved me for over 10 years now as a result of marrying my husband.

The church, where, guess what?

I have discovered a few people just like me.

That part is a story for a different day, since today is about the baby and kindness.

I was blessed to have the deluxe baby shower. The one where it is given by girls that have embraced me rather than by the "committee". We all know the "committee", right?! :) The one hosted in the beautiful home of a very gracious lady that also happens to be my kindred spirit when it comes to the big town to small town move issues. Funny, she actually moved from a town very close to the one I moved from.

I walked in to discover the beautiful table setting.

And the cutest diaper cake you have ever seen!

And kindness.

And generosity.

This is my cousin by marriage. She makes me laugh.

She and her family got us this precious Eric Carle Hungry Catepillar Baby Journal.

Our cute new bath toy scooper.

A precious hand-made quilt.

How cute was this! I am so putting him in the truck and taking a picture!

What a fun surprise!

My snap-n-go stroller to go with the car seat we already have.

They would probably have a fit if they knew I was letting the world see them, but! The lady in blue makes the most precious baby quilts. Now I have three that she has made! The lady behind her is my Aunt J by marriage. She is the angel that will be keeping my sweet baby 2 days a week when I go back to work in September.

The living room crowd.

Me and my MIL.

Me and the hostess'. The lady standing next to me is the one who graciously opened her beautiful home for the shower. She also happens to be a L&D nurse. We have joked that we may need to pick her up on our way to the hospital if I go into labor. I think she is secretly hoping she gets to deliver him in the car! :)


Anonymous said...

What a great shower! And great gifts! And great friends/family!

My favorite part of my showers were not the gifts or the food (though they were GREAT), it was seeing first hand how many people loved me & Wog/Bug.

You look great! If I did not see the ticker on your sidebar, I'd never believe that you're due in 2 1/2 weeks!

Jennifer said...

glad you had a good turnout and got lots of goodies for Brax!

Mommy Cracked said...

How wonderful! Your baby is already being showered with so much love! That period of time in my life will always be so special to me.

I got a backpack just like that when I had E.B. and it still comes in so handy to this day1

Cara said...

That looks great! So glad that everyone is so welcoming to your sweet baby :)

Martie said...

What wonderful friends and family you have! You are very blessed. I am so happy for you.


kel said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL shower.