Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MEME'ring stuff!

Thanks Jennifer for giving me something to write about!

8 Things about A:

1. When she was 15-18 months old (I can't quite remember!), she won Most Photogenic in the Little Miss Pageant.

2. She loves Sonic Grape Slush!

(and she is not that into sharing them!)

3. She loves shoes! She developed her sense of shoe fashion from very early on.

4. She loves babies! She started practicing early with pretend ones. Now she loves on a real baby any chance she gets! She will be a good mommy someday!

5. She has always enjoyed being creative.

6. She has always been adventurous.

7. She loves to entertain people.

8. She has to be gripping the corner of her pillow to go to sleep. This only started happening about a year ago. Some nights I catch her gathering up just the right amount of corner to grasp. When I asked her about it, she said that it keeps the bad dreams away.

8 Things about L:

1. He loves to eat and is not as picky as his sister. Except for that darn peanut butter thing!

2. He has almost always loved balls!

3. He is an active child with early training in the love of sports.

4. He already has a sense of fashion (his fashion) and is very vocal about choosing what he wants to wear!

5. He has always enjoyed being a helper around the house and he is already pretty good at vacuuming.

6. He is a motor man! And apparently a ladies' man!

7. Thanks to his sister, he really enjoys coloring and drawing!

8. He is not afraid of adventure...or is that trouble!

Feel free to join the fun if you want! Pictures not required. They were just my own little version of digital scrapbooking since 90% of the pictures were taken long before I had a digital camera!



Anonymous said...

They are both just adorable! I really enjoyed seeing them little bitty1

Anonymous said...

Umm, that was supposed to be "little bitty!"

K in the Mirror said...

Seriously, those first two pictures of A made my ovaries hurt. OH MY GOSH she was an adorable baby.

Jennifer said...

I love that you included pics with them.

kel said...

So so so cute!