Friday, April 18, 2008

Live & In Person

Remember, awhile back when I eluded to a bloggy get-together amongst those who live in my area?

I don't know the reality of truly making it happen, but I thought I would at least ask a few questions to sift through the possibilities.

Most of you that read here know that I live in the central Texas area. Just think J.R.! I just wanted to make that clear for my other virtual friends that live far away before you got your hopes up about meeting me! ;) By all means you are welcome to come, but the way gas prices are these days....

Just answer the questions in my comment section and we will go from there!

1. Would you be interested in a Live Bloggy Get-Together?
2. Weekend or Weekday?
3. Rate your Top 3 Choices of Days.
4. Morning/Afternoon or Evening?
5. Kids or No Kids?
6. House or Restaurant or Park?
7. How far are you willing to drive? (Depending on who responds and is able to do this, I would likely plan a place most central to those actually committing.)
8. How many people do we tell? (Obviously, I "know" you, but you may "know" some other local bloggers you would like to meet in this venue. I just don't know how crazy big I want this to get!)

I think that is it, unless you can think of some other important things we need to consider before proceeding!



K in the Mirror said...

Absolutely yes!

And now I forget what all the questions were---

I think my security conscious husband would prefer I meet in a public place at first, and it's going to take years before he'll be okay with you coming over. :) Don't take it personally. If you do, just come while he's at work.

I'm really open to whatever- I do think no kids for the first time, then once we all find out we get along great we can bring them the second time. Plus I can drink more margaritas without them around. I'll drive where I need to- you don't live that far from me.

As far as how many to tell? I don't know. I went to a blogging event awhile back where there were about 30 of us and I ended up really bonding with one and not talking to most of the rest. But they were all strangers to me previously, whereas you are really not, and some others there won't be either.

And now I have written a NOVEL in your comments, just to say it doesn't matter to me what we do. Clearly I will not run out of things to say when we meet. :)

kel said...

Of course I am a little ways away (4 hours) but if it worked out to be a time we were going through to get to Austin or something I would love to try. Of course I am so stressed out trying to reenter life after vacation of two weeks that I am ready to drive 4 hours right

Melissa~ said...

I'm up for this, but it will be awhile before I could do it. So much going on in the next few months. But you guys could do it without me the first time and tell me all about it!

If I could do it I think restaurant sans kids would be fun because I never get to do that. :)

Hey thanks for adding my flower button!

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

Mel's World said...

OH...I wish I lived closer, that sounds like so much fun...anyone want to come to Ft. Lauderdale?!?!?!

texastanya said...

I know you posted this ages ago, but I'm just now catching up. You know how that whole "life" thing can get in the way. :)

I'd love to meet sometime. I'd love to do it without the kiddos, but Hubby's travel and teaching plans would make that determination for me! T :)