Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A couple of months ago, I promised my sister I would sew a few burp cloths for some baby gifts she needed. I saw her this past weekend. I only dragged out my sewing machine the Wednesday before! Although I only needed to do three, I decided to do a whole pack of diapers since I already had everything out and I know a few more babies being born soon. And since she also put in a request for a shower curtain and a curtain for her bathroom, I could get that done as well! She is actually getting my beautiful shower curtain I made when we moved in here, only with a few adjustments. Then I am making a little curtain to match.

Cat and the Fiddle in green with dark brown trim (2)
*This was from a few scraps I had leftover when I made my friend a cootie cover. Can you believe how long ago that was Jenn?!!!

Under The Sea (5)
*The satin trim was NOT.FUN to sew, but it sure feels snuggly!
*This was the material I used to make the boy insert for my Moses' Basket when L was born.

Soft Roses (1)
*This is leftover linen fabric from when I did A's room! I got it super cheap and still have a good bit left.

*These first 3 went to my sister.

*I have this sweet one left.

It is lonely and needs a good home. Sooooo, if you are the first person to comment AND you meet the following criteria, then you can have it!

1. You are pregnant with your first daughter.
2. You loved Real World almost as much as I did AND just happen to live in the same town as Julie from Season 1-New York.
3. You might give away your precious empty hair care bottles for a good margharita about now!
4. And more and more, it seems you and I may have been separated at birth!


And for all my sewing labor last week, look what I won!! Thanks Lani! She is a cool gal and talented. Don't forget to check out Just Being Notesy!


Then Monday and today, I scored some sweet deals!

I didn't "work" on Monday, opting instead to work at home. I did double time and produced a clean house with time to spare before I had to pick up the kids. I had to drop off some stuff to our local charity place and decided to check out their 50% off selections. I found two great framed pieces for $4 each. One was the alphabet, except in a baseball theme called "Alphabat". I also found a precious picture of a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek. I picked up a large tin bucket, a baseball decor, a golf decor, and a flower decor for 75 cents each! Sorry, forgot the pics at the moment.

Today was my day to leave the kids for a couple of hours and I had a few non-kid errands to run. I only got one place checked off my list, but that is ok because it was well worth it!

There is a local party supply store that is closing its doors at the end of the month and everything is 75% OFF. YES! I needed stuff for A's slumber party and L's birthday party in June, so I wanted to go there first.

As I rolled up and down every aisle several times, I literally had to stop myself from wishfully predicting each child's birthday celebration for the next couple of years. The prices people! I even had to call my husband at one point and work through my OCD about a mixed party theme for my son. It is supposed to be a farm/fishing-type theme, but now it is a western-campout-farm-fishing-type theme. I think I still might be twitching! ;)

In the end, I scored major loot for both events, miscellaneous small gifts for holidays/birthdays, gift-giving needs, and for my nephew's birthday party theme. Yes, the prices were that good that I placed her order too!

Wanna see?

Nephew's Power Ranger supplies. That's invitations, thank-you's, streamer, balloons, banner, party favor, candles, and goody bags for about $10!

Cute graduation leis I got for A to give to her classmates!

My miscellaneous loot minus a few things that could not be revealed in public.

Cute holiday chart stickers, 6 packages of stickers, 2 specialty gift bags, wedding magnets, 8 gift bags, 3 packages of tissue, ....

Halloween treat bags for next year, L's candle and balloons, a cute baseball that talks,.....

hidden picture placemats for kids & cousins, and nephew's birthday gift.

Kindergarten graduation slumber party supplies!

Fun hanging centerpiece, an activity & 2 games,....

body art, press-on nails, cute buttons, tablecloth,.....

visor craft activity,....

paper goods, and pink swizzle sticks for our lemonade,.....

and the cutest ever pop-up invitations to hold my poem!

L's birthday supply stash!

Party favors for the boys,......

2 cool banners, invitations,....

game, party favors for girls, cups, more cups, 4 packages of plates, and 3 tablecloths which obviously was the ONE picture I did NOT take! :)

I do realize that $86 is still a lot of money, but at least it wasn't $253!

Now that is my kind of cha-ching!



Jennifer said...

You found some good stuff!!

You are so creative with your burp cloths!

Jenna said...

Okay - I need to know what store - I love pre-buying at a bargain!

The burp cloths look fantastic!

BTW, I am still shuddering with the thought of working at Long John Silvers

Loni said...

Your burp cloths look great!

I will be stopping by the party store soon. Do they have anything left after your great finds? :)

willblogforshoes said...

Ummm, that's me! :-) (Oh and you are SOOO right about the margarita!)

Those burp clothes are beautiful! You are so sweet!

PS- Way to go on the deals!

Cyndy said...

You did a beautiful job on the burp cloths! Love your fabric choices.
And, wow, what bargains!
I had stumbled on the wooden porch blog last night and noticed where you had won. Congrats!

Loni said...

My A is feeling better today, I hope your A is feeling better today, too!

Jennifer said...

I just read a wonderful book, in which the author commented at length about handwork and what it means, especially in today's society. When I was a young mom, the thing was cross-stitching, and I did several things for new babies in those days. I have stopped doing that, opting for fancier store-bought items, but after reading this book I'm considering pulling out the old craft box!

I LOVE the burp cloths. Those types of things are so precious because we know the time that goes into them, even though everyone knows how they will be used! :) And some good friend did it, anyway. It's totally precious. And I am in love with the soft roses.

I wish you would post an article on how you did that, exactly... I have a new niece arriving from Vietnam in about 3 weeks! Yippeee!

The Wooden Porch said...

Those burp clothes are amazing! You should sell them on esty or something. I love them. It makes me wish I was pregnant with a baby girl.

kel said...

Great deals!