Sunday, June 24, 2007

Put your requests in now for the Firecracker Fairy!


Click on "Janice and Susan" (5minutesformom) on my sidebar or on the link above and sign up for all the neat prizes in their 4th of July contest!!

Never heard of the Firecracker Fairy, you say?

Why you poor thang!

Back in junior high (when there only used to be elementary, junior high, and high school!!!), I got my first visit from the Firecracker Fairy. What fun!

The tradition continued in some form or another over the years. I knew once I had kids that I wanted another excuse for them to receive surprises. So, I sprinkled some Fairy Dust into the air with my request and Anysa received her first surprise at the age of 6 months!


p.s. I have decided to download all my picture cd's on our computer and should have a picture of the event to add here soon!


Jennifer H. said...

Okay, Firecracker Fairy? I need more details. . .

Jennifer said...

Seriously.....explain more please!! I'm all about fun traditions!