Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not what it used to be

I found out yesterday that subtle hints do work. But only with the female population. It is true. God may have made man first, but He tried again to take care of the qualities He forgot the first time around.

My lovely sitter substitute that I spoke of earlier returned yesterday. I am not entirely sure the kids were too excited, but they faked it pretty well.

If you remember, I was in a quandary about how to pay her for doing things I didn't ask her to do. We had just resolved to pay her a healthy tip for last Thursday and I decided that I would leave 2 specific tasks for her to do that I really needed done.

I had planned on mentioning these to her when she asked what she could do for me.

But she didn't ask.

And I was running late to work. And it was crummy weather, so I figured she would have her hands full entertaining the kids inside the house.

But I guess the systematically divided clean laundry-shirts in one pile and pants in another pile-along with 3 kinds of hangers neatly displayed on the small couch, along with the ironing board, iron, and starch perching curiously close to the small couch was just too much of that subtle hint I was discussing!

Only knowing roughly how much I would be paying her for the 2 days of childcare and other stuff, I stopped by the bank for the cash. I felt like such a high-roller carrying all that cash!

I arrived home to find the kids watching tv. Hmmm, that is how I left them earlier that morning. A quick and casual visual sweep of the area while greeting everyone revealed that I might be giving up all the cash.

Clean kitchen, all dishes put away, beds made, floor swept, trash gathered (that girl likes an empty trashcan!), piles straightened (oh, I forgot to look upstairs but will report back later!), and the crowning glory.....

Half of my laundry pile had disappeared!

Praise the Lord!


I love neatly ironed clothes. I just don't like doing it. And since you can only hit the fluff cycle so many times on the dryer before your clothes will need to be donated to the Little Family (remember that cute book about that mouse family!). And since I like to let my laundry simmer on the couch for days so that the wrinkles are just so.

Well, let's just say, that pile grows like a bad pimple on your nose. You know it is there. You try to make it blend in. But eventually, you have to attack it.

So now, I only have half of the laundry to iron and my house is as clean as it can stay with 2 young ones.

She seemed to graciously accept the cash I gave her. I consulted with several people prior to paying her and feel good about her earnings for the 2 days.

We ended on a good note with the kids giving her hugs and kisses before she left.

But don't mistake the obviousness of Anysa's comment to me, in front of her, during our earlier conversation.

"Mommy, WHEN is S coming back?! She has been with Mickey Mouse LONG ENOUGH!"

We will see her tomorrow!


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Jennifer H. said...

I am so jealous! My pile 'o laundry is on the formal living room couch. It is going on two weeks now. That is actually where Nathan gets dressed in the morning now! And I am home for the summer! What is my excuse?? Umm . . . 16 week old.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night! GNO can't come fast enough! I will be trying to eat veggies all day tomorrow so that I can partake in those amazingly large calorie beverages!