Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go Luke Go!

Our "baby" turned 3 on Monday and we celebrated jungle rescue style on Saturday. There is so much I want to say just about him and all his changes this past year, but will save it for another day and stick to the party details! I am requesting more pics from other family members. Hubby was in charge of the camera and since I like to be in charge of everything, I want to make sure there aren't some other great pics to be had. I had to use some subliminal messages to get this party theme. I am kind of a closet party planner. And I knew what would be cute and what I wanted and in turn what he would want-right? Probably one of those childhood things of wanting what you did not have as a kid. Anyway, Luke was sure he wanted some over-rated superhero theme, Superman and Spiderman led the votes. Me, however, felt like 3 was one of those last of ages-dangling precariously between one stage and the next. And besides, I did a fun little Dora Adventure party for Anysa when she was 3 and wouldn't it be cute and all if their scrapbook pages were all about the Spanish cousins! Anyway, I got my way and it turned out cute!

See how he fixed his hair "cool" with Daddy's gel!

I am in love with this precious smile!

Cousin Landon with Luke and Anysa. Landon got to come spend the night along with grandparents in order to attend the party. The kids had a great time but we missed big sister Hannah to complete the foursome. She couldn't make it. My sister and I have daughters 3 months apart and sons 1 month apart. We also have a cute nephew, Jackson, that we never get to see because they live in CA.

The cake! I have used the same cake lady in Grapevine several times and have never been disappointed. Her prices are pretty close to retail in stores, feed the same amount, but are just way darn cuter! The cake was kind of a jungle background with the large cookie tree. I added Diego and Baby Jaguar!

The jungle rescuers singing the birthday song. Here is where I am hoping someone got a picture of Luke's face! We had to do the birthday singing and candle blowing first b/c I was experiencing technical difficulties with the cake due to the humidity. I had the party at 10:30 at our park, but we still didn't beat the heat. But no rain!

Luke and his friends were helping Diego rescue jungle animals. They each brought a rescue backpack and then we let them choose the picture of the animal they wanted to rescue. We had hidden the animals around the park for them to rescue. Everyone also got handmade telescopes to help them find their animals. They loved it! I had already done all the goody bags weeks before and was just going to have them rescue another picture animal to match their first one. Then, on my balloon run, I ran into these adorable stuffed jungle animals for $.99/ea. Another party favor and so worth it!

Our menu included Jungle Worms (boiled hot dog strips), Dried Ants (raisins), Snake Eggs (grapes), Beetle Wings (chips), Crocodile Teeth (cringe-cut apple wedges), and Jungle Juice (juice boxes). As you can imagine, some of them were less than thrilled with the idea of eating animals, but they were good sports. Can't say I really blame them on the Jungle Worms (see up close pic by cake!).

The present thing is always a struggle for me. Like my children need anything. In fact, for Anysa's 4th bd, party guests brought a book to donate and she opened family gifts. She may have been a bit young to understand, but with a January birthday, sometimes she gets a little greedy! The other struggle is the mob-like thing that happens every.time! They can't help themselves, they love the thrill of what they give and what is being received. I know that, really I do, but I am a picture person and it is all about my kid at the time! Anyway, only twice have I remembered to put my kid up higher than the fans. It makes such a difference.

Saying "thank you" and "good-bye" to all our jungle rescue partners!



Jenna said...

What a fantastic party!! I never seem to be able to come up with those fun, creative ideas. Your kids are so cute. Happy Birthday, Luke!

Jennifer H. said...

The party was so fun! Kaylee had a blast! And she loves her crocodile that she rescued! It's so hard to believe he is 3.

3 days until Kenny!

Jennifer H. said...

I just had to comment again because I am laughing that you have "Popsugar" on your link list. Just another one of my "sugar" addictions!! Haha!