Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. Oh and by the way, give me some of the good stuff.

Oh, I know you are thinking "Come on, can you not even think of your own cute title that you have to go and steal from Kenny!"

Well, no I can't.
And, oh yay I did.

Oh my the good stuff. Where to start telling ya'll about all the good stuff from Saturday night. Should I start with how it has been raining and pouring and raining and pouring in our big city for 40 days and 40 nights. Or maybe just a few days, but come on already! But no big deal really cuz there was no way it was going to rain on our date night with Kenny and Sugarland.

Make-up, check. Hair, check. Jeans, check. T-shirt, check, Jewelry, check. Hat, check. Flip flops, check. Tickets, oh BIG CHECK!

So I picked up Golda and her breast pump and wished her hubby good luck with twins 1 (3 years) and twins 2 (6 months) as we flip flop boogied outta there. Ok, so he had a grandma and a mom there to help him, but you were so starting to feel sorry for him! Jennifer was my next pick up and we did not even have to go to the door, as she escaped, leaving her hubby with their 3 year old and 15 week old. He is a good man, a good man indeed.

Our plan was simple. Leave early, drive closer to stadium, eat dinner, get there in time for Sugarland and ole' what's his name. Just kidding Jen! Eating went well cuz Cantina Laredo knows how to do margharitas. The waiter could have worked our table a little faster, but we weren't too worried. Yet. Leave the restaurant. Rain. Swoosh, swoosh. Drive to stadium. Rain. Swoosh, swoosh. Traffic. Red blinking traffic lights. Rain. Officials in yellow slickers directing traffic. Rain. I am thinking this might not be looking so good.

We puttered along, passing the time with picture-taking and good laughing. Good laughing!

FINALLY, we made it to the road next to the stadium, only to have Golda roll down the window and let sounds of WHAT! Sugarland! No.They.Are.Not! Seriously, did they let the first act play her one hit and then boot her off the stage? Oh well, we were so close to the parking lot and surely Sugarland was still early in it's set.

Big directing-traffic dude starts walking over to cars, waving his arms wildly, yelling,

"Ya'll just need to turn around now. The lots are full. Just turn around now. Go look for parking over there."

Seriously! Ok, here is where I interrupt my story for my soapbox commentary. Frisco, get a grip! You may want to be like big D. You may have some money like big D. You may think you are already like big D. Well, newsflash, you ain't! Don't host what you can't support in terms of traffic and parking. I will give you the weather issue this time, but still!

Off soapbox.

So we, and everyone else, drove "over there" and found a mud spot to park the car. We then power walked a good 1+ miles to the stadium, listening to 80's rock music. Made a quick bathroom stop. Do you even need me to describe the bathroom situation? Let's just say nice people were sharing their antibacterial lotion.

And then there was Kenny!

Nice cool breeze, no rain, good music.

Oh, and the people. And it is not that I don't get out much. I just like watching people and well, they made my job easy. One gal, I do really believe she was trying to test the durability of her "adopted girls" with all that gyration and such. Young girls these days!

And just because I like to make sure to keep my readers educated, did you know:

* cell phones, not lighters
* no encores. really!

We sat there watching people leave, kinda snickering. Jokes on us. No encores. No "Thanks! Ya'll have been great!" then come back for a few more songs. Nope!

Probably my most amusing part of the night was listening to Kenny sing "give me some of the good stuff" as Golda sat beside me and pumped under the big red rain jacket. Swoosh, swoosh ;) You are a good momma, girl!

Next time girls, we are all about the Marriott concert package!


p.s. and for those of you all excited thinking you were finally gonna get to see "the bangs", well, bangs and rain are not the best of friends. sorry!


Jennifer said...

Too funny! I'm glad you girls got to go and have some fun.

Jennifer H. said...

Haha! I couldn't have written it better! What a great night! I just got back from my C25K run of the day and I need to jump in the shower and then I have a dentist appt., then I will send those pics!

The best part was when he finished singing and I said, "Oh, we know he's not REALLY done!" And you replied, "Yeah, I don't fall for that one anymore." And we waited, and waited as people filed past us and the lights of the stadium turned on. Yep. Joke was on us! Whatever happened to an encore???
And seriously . . . cell phones? Not lighters? No wonder he didn't come back for an encore! This was one of the first times I truly felt, "out of the loop" and began to feel my age! What a humbling experience!