Friday, June 22, 2007

How much is that doggie in the window?

Just consider this another entry into Luke's scrapbook album since I have NOT.EVEN.STARTED his 1st year album. Maybe this makes him and Anysa almost even since I did not know about this bloggity thing back then.

She has an album. He has my blog.

Goodness gracious, help me if I do ever have a 3rd and then he becomes the ultra neglected middle child!

OK, I promise I will start his album before he starts kindergarten!

There is actually a true story here, so let's begin!

Several weeks ago, I was picking up the kids from P's house. I walked through the garage and into the house. On my way through, I saw the turquoise rope laying on the floor. After conversation and much cohersion getting my kids to leave the "fun house", we headed back out the garage entry. On the way out, Luke picked up the turquoise rope which I then realized was a harness and leash.

"Is that Daisy's old leash?"
(See, I remembered she was in a new cage because of growing, so I assumed the same for a leash.)

Silly me!

"No, that is what I used for Luke while we were at S's basketball camp today."

Brain scanning quickly for what to say.

"Um, WHAT?" (nervous laughter)

"Yea, it used to belong to S #2"
(Well, she didn't say S #2 but since all her kids start with the letter S, well, you can see my problem.)

"You put a LEASH on my child?"

"I didn't want to lose him with all the kids running around."

"Wait, don't tell me anymore. If it had been anyone else but you I might have been really upset." :) (real laughter!)

The following week, 2+ weeks post surgery and the week after grandparents, we had started experiencing toileting issues again after extreme success with #1 and relative success with #2. I was getting quite upset. Cleaning full on p**p underwear EVERY.DARN.DAY does not make me a happy person. AND THEN, for several days, he decided to mark his territory by peeing through his clothes and ON.MY.CARPET!!

Now combine that with his new found sensitive sense of smell and we might have ourselves a new puppy.

Thank goodness cuz Anysa really wants a dog when she turns 6 in 6 months and I had not been able to think of a good enough excuse to go back on my promise.

I may be saved!

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