Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Luke's Surgery Highlights

I am trying to catch up on sharing thoughts and pictures, so I thought I would backtrack at least to this! From previous posts, you know we scheduled Luke to have his tonsils and adenoids removed due to various reasons. We had previously experienced all this with Anysa, so knew what to expect roughly.

He was not scheduled to arrive until 9:30 am, so we had time for Luke to gather all the necessary items he would need to take along. Let's review! Superman pj's with cape for heroic endeavors. Hat and sunglasses just in case the paparazzi were waiting for his arrival. Scooby Doo slippers to sniff out Popsicles when necessary-I think one is in his mouth because his hands got too full. A book. And of course, his "gun" in case his super powers don't do the trick.

His favorite trick to make Mommy laugh. And a sure sign he really has no idea what he is in for!

After the "silly juice" but before being wheeled in. He wasn't really goofy like Anysa was-she cracked us up! He was more restless than anything. He was so brave going through those double doors. Much braver than Mommy!

Hanging out with Papa and Gigi and Anysa during his 2 hour recovery wait. He was fussy and crying briefly when I first held him, then really just wanted a Popsicle and a blanket. He did not like the IV in his foot one bit, but that soon came out. He was really ready to go after about 30 minutes but because he was under the age of 3, he had to stay 2 hours for obs. Nothing kills time like a movie and 5 double Popsicles!

Here is the biggest difference we noticed right away between the two surgeries. While Anysa pretty much looked like the next picture for at least 3 days, Luke took the opposite route. Carefree, playful, and hungry from the time we got home. He even wanted some of our pizza! Here he is enjoying a little yogurt. Personally, I think he still had a good bit of O.R. drugs (steroids, narcotics, etc) in his system plus we had to give him pain meds every 4 hours which really just made life great for him. The crash is coming!

The next 2 pics are really out of order. Literally, we would have had to physically restrain him from riding his new bike along with sister if were to keep him from "excessive physical activity". So instead of fighting it, we just minimized how long.

He did spend quite a bit of time on the couch in between medicine times. However, if he was awake, he was usually up and about.

We had already scheduled their grandparent trip and Mommy-oops, I mean the kids, were not going to miss it for anything. So they went as planned with a pharmaceutical arsenal in tow. He did OK taking meds because it wasn't his parents forcing it upon him. However, he was feeling pretty lousy unless he was drugged. Drugs made him happy and allowed him to do all the fun things he loves to do there. Grandparents were troopers for taking that on!

We watched the progression of the scabs coming off in his throat-BLUCK!!! And of course, the most painful for him. But overall, he was a true "Superman"!! After 2 weeks, he is fully recovered from the surgery except for a little gurgly sounding voice still. Now, I thought they were going to remove his "I am almost 3, moody,I am the boss-not you" attitude but somehow it is still here. Hopefully that comes with many more nights of easy-breathing sleep!

And just because, I would like to throw kudos to Dr. Murray, his office staff, and the staff at the children's surgery center. If you live in DFW area, I would highly recommend either his office in Coppell or Dr. Biavati in Dallas. They are both part of a group which has pediatric surgery centers in Plano and North Richland Hills. They are the best and both my kids had great experiences!!

Thanks for thinking of him and us!


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Great pictures! Dr. Murray is great!

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