Friday, June 12, 2009

Tales from the car seat

** Here is another one of my hidden treasures. And it truly is a treasure to me! I started this back on 1.31.2008. I wanted to make sure to remember all the funny things they said. I just kept adding on and never shared before now. A lot of these come from my son L, but there are a few goodies from my daughter A as well. Enjoy! **


I crapped my head open. (he had bumped his head)

Our house is cooking! (after watching steam rise off a boiling pot of water)

He likes to share wild stories of climbing and jumping off roof tops of houses as we pass by in the car.

He was shopping with me, and as we were leaving the store, we saw a shooting star. He asked, "What do you wish for mommy?".

The trees got ated. (probably seeing trees without leaves)

I overheard him in his room with his bible; He asked about the map and where we lived on it. I explained that we didn't live there. He said "but it is my bible!". Then I heard him preaching "a such a time as this and then when you die you go to God.".

Talking about his "powers". He thinks that the lights change and the automatic doors open by the "powers" in his hands.

Once told me that he was cold-blooded.

"I'm a very very good man."

As the communion plate passed, he said, "I smelled Jesus' blood.". (grape juice)

"Santa wants to go to heaven too."

He asked why the song says "hurricane knock my walls down". (He couldn't really understand why we would want that. I did my best to explain that it was about Jesus and our hearts!)

"I don't like old ladies. Is Gigi an old lady?" (probably got concerned that he wouldn't be able to like his Gigi!)

Described thunder as "God tooting". (hmmm!)

Commenting on my new necklace and said that the middle piece looked like a "brain on my necklace".

"I want new rules- Nice mommy. No spanking."

Wants to create a massage machine. (as spoken during our night time talks when I rub his back.)

Always wants to make his "special recipe".

I told him that he was being dramatic. He replied, "I have to be".

"I got skill." (describing his puzzle abilities!)

"I can't think right now." (when he gets all tongue-tied trying to tell me a story)

Loves to show off his "armpicks". (armpits)


"I am wild about babies."

We were talking about Elvis and how their birthday is on the same day; and that he was dead. She said "Was he old or regular?".

Lots of conversations about Jesus and Christmas.

"Mstaticy" (can't remember what she was trying to say! any ideas?!!)

She likes to talk about growing up and having a baby. And of course, in true girl fashion, she has already named her first boy and first girl!

She asked how we get "chicken" to eat. When we told her, she said, "You mean the ones that go cock a doodle doo?".

Overheard her tell her brother, "You know that we are eating chicken. Like the ones that live in a barn.".

~And I am sure there will be many more to come!



kelli said...

I love this! Laughed out loud several times. God tooting is awesome. :)

Mommy Cracked said...

Oh, this is priceless! The kids are going to love reading this someday. The woman who used to babysit for several of my friends and I when we were little wrote down all the funny things we said growing up. It's one of my treasured things.