Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calling on the "Village"

I decided to give y'all a break today on hearing me rave about baby love! ;)

But never fear, I won't be able to resist another round soon!

I have found several resources lately regarding ideas to keep kids occupied during the summer and thought it would be fun for us all to share!


Megan just posted this great article with resources for summer fun!

You can go here to find out if your town (or one close by) participates in the Kids Bowl Free program.

I just discovered this great website just for kids. You can go here for their Summer Daily list!

I am pretty sure that Tanya posted a great activity list last summer which I totally stole and used! Maybe she will share it again because I can't find where I downloaded it! :) Was it you?!!

My kids enjoy Starfall.

June is going to be crazy for us, but I will still need some activities for when we are NOT in the car!

* Swim team practice; T-F's; 10-11; June/July
* Swim team meets; Saturdays; June/July
* Cooking class; M-Th's; 2 weeks; 1 hour; June
* Science class; M-Th's; 2 weeks; 1 hour: June
* VBS; June or July-can't remember!

* Swim lessons; M-F's; 11-12; 2 weeks; June
* Pee Wee Day Church Camp; M-Th; 9-3; 1 week; June
* Birthday trip with Daddy; Hotel and baseball game

Like last summer, I bought a 3 month membership to the local gym. They do family special for 3 months that includes access to the gym and the pool. Just access to the pool makes it worth it to us!

Other ideas on my list are:

"School" (A needs to keep up her math and reading this summer and L has expressed a desire to learn to read.)
Berry farm (We get to pick our own and they are yummy!)
Fishing at Papa's
Museum (There is an interactive kid's museum about 1 hour away.)
Zoo (About 1 hour away.)
Water park
Activity box
Play dates (I am hoping to talk someone into doing a weekly coop with our 2 big kids!)
Roller skating

So, what about you?

I would love it if everyone would share their ideas or resources in the comment section!! Your ideas can pertain to summer or anytime!!


p.s. Naps are on the list for sure, too! :)


texastanya said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I reposted the list today. :)

Mommy Cracked said...

This is such a great list!

kelli said...

busy busy!

re: interactive kids' museum- is that an hour back towards this way, or in another direction? Would you mind shooting me a message with details if you don't want to talk about location? :)