Monday, June 15, 2009


I had to laugh the other day.

I had B snoozing away in a sling while I was cleaning, AND VACUUMING, his sister's room.

The AND VACUUMING part was what made me laugh.

It made me laugh thinking how different I was then versus now. Some of it due to necessity. Some of it due to my evolution as a mother.

Even with my first, my daughter, I felt pretty comfortable being a mom. Of course, I had some learning curves to manage, but in general I was not a nervous new mom.

Various things stick in my mind about then. I got to be a SAHM for a whole year. I did some contract work occasionally, but most of my time was dedicated to her. She grew up in a quiet house when it came to sleeping. Even when it was just us, I always closed her door and ran a fan at the threshold for fear that a doorbell or a vacuum would wake her! That probably started her downward sleep spiral which is a whole other conversation. As far as everything else, I pretty much followed conventional wisdom.

Whatever I did, right or wrong, she turned out pretty good so far.

With my first son, I was managing a 2 1/2 year old while adjusting to a new baby at the same time. One of my funniest memories is nursing my son while in the bathroom with my daughter working on potty training. I am sure I am not the only one! We seemed to adjust and life carried on. The double stroller kept me sane when we were on the go and double nap times did the same for me when home! I was back at work several days a week 6 months along, so it was all about balancing my days.

He is doing pretty ok as well.

Except for the times that I want to hang him upside down by his ankles and drain all the orneriness out of him! ;)

Now we are adjusting again. For the big kids, this seems to be our busiest summer yet, so I imagine that I will be nurturing a go-with-the-flow baby! I'm ok with that. I am also ok with some of the things that I am trying new this time. I just couldn't let my last chance at mothering a baby pass me by without trying a few things that peaked my interest.

I am using a sling this time. I have a regular pouch sling that I picked up at a garage sale. I use it for times that I have to make a quick trip in and out of the car. Right now, I am also using a Baby K'tan that a friend loaned me. I use it the most. I still feel awkward with it at times, but it is much better than lugging the car seat around! And he loves to go to sleep in it when he is extra fussy and I really need to be hands-free around the house. I think I am still going to get a Sleepy Wrap because I seem to struggle getting him out of the Baby K'tan without waking him up.

I also decided to try some different diapers this time. I am alternating between earth/baby-friendly disposables (Nature Babycare and Seventh Generation ) and easy "cloth" diapering with gDiapers. He is still doing some leaking out of them, so I have some problem solving to do. At first (and maybe still), I think it was because his legs weren't plump enough for a good fit. And of course, a couple of times, he did double duty in them before I could change a wet diaper! Overall, I really like them, and the concept, so I hope I can make them work for us. I also have a couple of BumGenius to try, but I am waiting until I use up my stock of size small gDiaper disposables.

Probably the biggest thing I am doing differently is putting him on Dr. Sears' alternative vaccine schedule. I will say upfront that I never had any problems following the AAP schedule with my other two kids. They did fine. I won't get into everything I do and do not believe when it comes to vaccinations, but I will highly recommend Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book as a very balanced point of reference when it comes to thinking about vaccinations. I think my biggest thing in trying it this time around is the simple fact that I don't want my child getting the multiple number of shots at each visit when we could space them out and still provide him with the important protection he needs.

What am I doing the same?

The most important thing I could do.

Loving him as much as I can and as best as I know how for as long as I can!



Cara said...

Little boys... I couldn't get anything to work for mine other than a pinned prefold and a wool cover when he was tiny. After 3 months he fit into most diapers though.

I think we're crossing paths- My 6 month old is in a Huggies today because I haven't been on top of laundry, and honestly, they're easier. My 2-1/2 year old's tush didn't touch a disposable diaper until she was 18 months old. LOL!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

as you know, i've only got the two lil ones but I can definitely see evolving going on in my approaches all the time.

I hear the Sleepy Wrap is GREAT! I hope you get one!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I'm a nervous mom even with my 2nd one. Though, I don't freak out when she eats off the floor (which she does often, b/c my floor is WAY dirty and she LOVES to eat!)

I wouldn't have dreamed of cloth diapering Wog, but it just seems like something I could do with Bug. I'm nervous, but surprise myself constantly with some of the things I can manage, so why not! I can't wait for my GroBabys to come in so I can get started! Can't wait to hear how you like your bumGenius!