Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In March, my daughter started practicing with the local swim club/team. She has always been a fish, so I thought it might be nice to get her involved.

I am hoping she will find her niche as far as sporting activities.

Every Sunday afternoon, they would practice for an hour at an indoor pool.

At the beginning of June, they began their practices at the outdoor pool.

One hour, four days a week!

All I can say is thank goodness for the shade and cool breezes up until this past week!

We have swim meets most every Saturday in June and July. We went as a family to the first one, but I have made this a Daddy-Daughter thing the last two weeks. With no cool indoor seating in between swim heats, I decided home was best for me and my boys!

Since this is her first year, I am wanting her to learn AND have fun. We can decide next year if she wants to be more serious about it. They work hard that is for sure! Each practice consists of almost 50 minutes of swim, swim, swim. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly. Just that one hour in the morning wipes her out by the time evening (and bedtime) rolls in.

I should probably try her workout because the girl is sporting some sweet arm and shoulder muscles these days!

At her first meet


Swimmers take your mark


Another use for Sharpies! This one is for you Bee!!

A little clarification here! At the first meet, we learned that you use a Sharpie marker to write your heat information on your arm or leg. Most of the swimmers also used the markers to decorate their bodies. Apparently, at the next meet, my daughter and her friend decided to do the same! Let's just say that it was hard to find something to wear to church the next day! She was well-decorated! Enough so, that because she got a slight sunburn, she has cute white symbols on her shoulders where the designs had once been. We went back to basics at the third meet, although I did tell her that she could have the middle of her back decorated.

My little swimmer girl!

The coaches are great and very encouraging. She has already brought home lots of ribbons by placing in the bronze level. We are proud of her and encouraging her to be proud of herself as she tries her best each week!


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Anonymous said...

Is it too late for me to join the swim team?!

That does give me a REALLY good idea for the beach this weekend. If I decorate myself w/ some Sharpie art, maybe no one will look at my thighs!