Thursday, June 4, 2009

Proverbs 22:6

I was so proud of my daughter when I found this in her room that I could hardly contain myself! She had it perfectly placed on her night stand along with the pen she used to write.

I am a list-maker by nature.

Or by compulsion!

She has done me proud by following in my footsteps so young.

Training by osmosis has gone well, don't you think?!



Kimmy said...

This is awesome!

Cara said...

More is caught than taught, right? :)

Martie said...

Awww, like mommy, like daughter. I am a listmaker too, and so is Christi. I laugh at all of the little notes she leaves herself... Like: take shower, dress, leave at 6:30. Um, were you worried you would forget to shower and dress, Christi?? Hahaha! Cracks me up.

I love the note and I'm glad you blogged it. She will love that to bits someday.

willblogforshoes said...

Love it!