Monday, June 22, 2009

He is already making next year's list

I should remind him that I still have his list of 999 more things left over from this year that he might want for his birthday next year!

Every year, for several years now, I have told my children that they are not allowed to turn 4,5,6,7....whatever their next age is going to be on their birthday. It is our little joke that we banter back and forth about.

A little part of me isn't joking.

But either way, they never listen to me.

They take their birthdays very seriously, can't you tell.

Now that little brother has joined us, my little man really does seem like a little man. He looks taller, bigger, more grown up. Boo hoo! And I can vouch for heavier! I carried all 48.9 pounds of him from one bed to another the other night. Geez, he didn't feel that heavy before!

A perfect example of why I have enjoyed the no big birthday parties this year. This is just family presents! And that doesn't even include the money he received. No worries though, he is going to get similar royal treatment like his sister. We are heading to the big city this summer for a night at the hotel and a baseball game.

Remember our Indiana Jones kick? Well, he got his very own whip (the cloth version!) with sound effects! From his sister! Well, ok, I bought it but she gifted it to him. I scored about 5 of these for $5 each at a Target clearance rack back in January. Here he is showing it off to his big buddy J.

My kids adore J. We have known him since he was born. My little man loves to play with him and now he can even play big boy sports with him in the yard. Here they are now....

And then....

(Recognize my sweet little girl off to the side? I actually have a picture of J holding her as a baby too, but it is not on my computer right now.)

My kids also have a special affection for J's big sister.

Aren't they good sports?! This mask is from a Curious George game that is interactive and fun!

Gigi found shirts with her "name" on them in Fredricksburg. "Shhh! I'm hunting Gigi".

Despite the frosting on his chin, I love this picture!

I hope 5 is your most wonderful year yet!

Because you are NOT allowed to turn 6!


p.s. I failed to get a picture of his big gift from us....a set of junior golf clubs. He was excited!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday L! Hope it was a great day for everyone!

Anonymous said...

5, wow! Happy Birthday L!

Wog, btw, already has his party themes planned out until he's 10, thanks in large part to the party supply catalogs I keep getting in the mail! (He's requested Hannah Montana for his 8th birthday, which is funny b/c he has no clue who she is & only knows her from the catalog!) :)

Kimmy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO L! I know what you mean about not turning a year older when it is their birthday. We tell our kids that all the time but they never listen.