Wednesday, June 10, 2009


*** I actually began this story on 8.26.2008 and found it today while looking for something else. I am not sure if this was the jest of what I wanted to share or just the beginning of something else, but I am leaving it as is. Since I am feeling very fragmented these days with no time for anything, I felt such relief knowing I had some hidden treasures to dig up and share. Maybe I have enough to tide me over until I get my act together!! ***

Yesterday, I signed on PRN (as needed) with a home health company that services children as well as adults. They don't have any kids on the caseload in my area at this time, but they seemed very welcoming to have me on board for when they do.

My last pediatric home health experience wasn't really all that fun, but I thought, at least it is an opportunity to do what I love.

I miss my old job.

Shocker, I know!

Just this month, I received two sweet notes from a couple of boys I used to work with.

One is now 14. I knew him when he was 6-9 years of age! He still goes to counseling down the road from the office and would come by to check on me from time to time. He would come by in his biking gear and his helmet because he wanted me to see that he loved to ride his bike now! After all the hard work (and moaning and groaning!) he did with me regarding his bike (and a few other things like handwriting!), he was so proud of himself. I am so very proud of him too!

The other was one of my current kids who is 5. I have known him for over 2 years! I LOVE that kid! His road has not been easy, but it is so thrilling when you start to see a child blossom! And! We were always on an adventure when he was around! I have swam in the ocean with whales and sharks, traveled the desert with lizards, chilled at the beach house in Florida, and been on many adventures in the jungle! I could go on, but there are too many stories to tell! The kid that could barely figure out how to play with others his age and whose food aversions left his plate almost barren, well, he is turning into quite a young man!

It makes my heart so happy to see these kids emerge through their struggles and blossom into the great young people that God intended them to be. They could not have done it without their incredible families and others cheering them on along the way.


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Mommy Cracked said...

It is amazing to see them grow up and flourish. I know their parents are so grateful for your part in their lives.