Friday, February 20, 2009

New to me

The other day, Jennifer was talking about their trip to the Goodwill store. She's been pondering thriftiness with a few of her posts, but I enjoyed this simple one because it reminded me of my own thrift store trips lately.

As you know, I am no stranger to thrift stores. A few examples here and here.

I am sure there are a few more where I talked about it, but it takes too long to find them!

I remember talking about my big Halloween/dress-up costume score at our Goodwill back in October.

I went back again in December because A and I thought it would be fun to look. I can't remember how much I spent exactly, but it was probably around $30. I just remember that A loved getting her "new" clothes and L loved his "new" surprise clothes as well. I think I picked up a few books too.

My husband made fun of me a bit. He wondered if maybe we shouldn't be saving those clothes, etc for the "poor" people. Personally, I think these places that resale stuff is for the "smart" people as well. Don't get me wrong-my kids get LOTS of new stuff during the course of the year and holidays. More than they deserve or need. There are just times that I can't really see paying full or even "sale" price for things like shoes or jeans or whatever if I can get mostly new-looking stuff for them.

Yesterday, while we gave the pharmacy time to fill her prescriptions, we head to the Goodwill again. Honestly, it is not one of my favorite resale shops that I have spent time in. It smells and they don't always have the greatest selections. We ended up with a few coloring books and a book for about $.20 each, some roller skates for $4 that I am going to use for work, a brand new Scrabble Jr. game for $5, and A got a pair of tall black boots for $3 that she LOVES and wore most of the afternoon with her sweatpants! I also SCORED with some new Method products for $2 each-minty shaving cream, minty body wash, and some floral body wash for her. I got two of each product!

Everyone was happy and I think I was a pretty smart shopper.

And I did leave some stuff for the "poor" people. With the way things are these days, that could mean any of us!

Unless that is, you are one of those people whose life is going to be restored by the latest "stimulus" package! {rolling eyes} Ahem!


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