Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just one of my finest moments!

As mothers, most of us have experienced those moments!

You know the ones.

The ones where we wonder how we ever got our mother-card before we left the hospital!

Several weeks ago, L had a cold. The basic kind which was probably extended by allergies. And he developed his typical cold sore on his lip. We both get them from time to time. Him with colds. Me with colds or stress. I need to be better about dealing with them before they develop.

A seemed to get a bit congested and had a few days of nose-blowing, but nothing like him.

And then of course, I have been dealing with my crud.

It is much much better, but still crud. I love the shower soothers that were recommended and I went for Zicam as opposed to other meds. Along with my Neti, I am sure things will work themselves out soon.

Around last Friday, my dtr began developing this sore on her nose. At first, it just looked like irritation, then it looked mostly like a cold sore. Then it got UGLY! We do a good job of dealing with her eczema/seasonal allergies, but she has never had a cold sore like me and L. So, I just assumed that in her play with L, she probably picked up on some of his germs. I dealt with it.

Then earlier this week, the nose got really gross and her eye started looking a little yuck. I knew it wasn't pink eye, but figured she had just spread the germs by picking and rubbing.

Yesterday, the nose was looking better, but I just had this funny feeling like maybe I should be checking into it more. I had been reading so many sad stories of little ones dying from things that seemed to start out so innocently. I just needed to be reassured. So, I sent a note with her and told her to go see the school nurse yesterday.

I do not over-react medically and hate dealing with unnecessary doctor appointments. You know the ones, where they say to just wait it out and then ask to be paid! I am much more into the free consultations from the school nurse! :)

Yesterday morning by phone, we kinda concurred the same thing, especially since her nose was looking better.

Then she called me about 1:30, saying A was in her office with a 99 fever. No biggy, but I still had to pick her up. Once home, she took some Tylenol and chilled out. About an hour after being home, I noticed another sore on her face. And another developed last night! We made an appointment for first thing this morning!

Last night, my husband was a bit concerned and said to go look up some things at WebMD. Nothing seemed a great fit UNTIL I happened upon....


It was a perfect match.

My poor girl had been suffering with this since late last week. She had been reinfecting herself AND she had been around other kids!

I was completely mortified with myself. I hate the idea that I let this go on without even thinking to do a little research. I really did think it was just a bad cold sore, but shocked that I didn't utilize my Internet love a bit earlier. I also really really hate that I allowed her around other kids. I just never want to be one of those moms! I had had daily conversations with her about not touching her sore, hand washing, etc., but still!

We started her oral antibiotic and topical treatments today. We are going to keep her home today and tomorrow just to give the antibiotics a chance to work.

She is disappointed that her friend can't sleepover tomorrow, but we have already planned on next Friday. She is NOT disappointed that she is missing school!

And I am trying to recover from my guilt by eating Thin Mints!



texastanya said...

I wouldn't have thought that either! I thought impetigo was a preschool thing, not for big girls like her!
Hope all is well soon, T :)

Kimmy said...

Don't be too hard on yourself; unless of course you want to eat more thin mints . . .

Jennifer said...

poor thing! Hope she gets better soon!

ps- thanks for giving out my info in case someone wants a necklace!

Cyndy said...

Go easy on yourself!!! It can happen in the best of families. My brother ended up being rushed by an ambulance to the hospital when he was in the fifth grade. His fever shot up and then he became paralyzed from the neck down. Source .... you guessed it, impetigo. After some antibiotics in an IV, he recovered. This was in the early 70's and who would have guessed that a little sore on his chin could have been responsible!
Go grab another thin mint, no make that two, and share with your lovely daughter!

Cindy said...

Oh dear, hope she's all better now.