Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movie Night

I am sitting here writing, at the same time listening to the rest of the gang watch a Superman movie I dvr'd off tv last night.

The ongoing conversation, or questions from the kids, reminded me to write this.

I have mentioned before my son's enjoyment of the Indiana Jones movies and his admiration for "Dr. Jones". We finished the series a few weeks back.

And btw, #4 was awful in my opinion, at least compared to the first three. And the whole alien thing. Ruined the whole thing all together for me.

Anyway, we will likely start the Star Wars series soon. Several people have mentioned that it is my duty since my son's name is a big part of that movie!

But all that to say, has anyone else discovered how difficult it can be to watch a more mature movie with young kids?!! And I don't mean more mature in a bad way, simply one that stretches beyond the cartoon-type.

It has been humorous and almost painful at times watching these movies with our kids. Of course, we have already seen them before but it would be nice to watch them again.


Why...? Why...? Why...? Why...? Why...?
What...? What...? What...? What...?

(I will let you fill in the rest of the ????)

I can't even tell you how many times we said,

"Just listen." "Just watch the movie." "Shhhh, you are missing it."

4-year olds and 7-year olds sure ask a LOT of QUESTIONS!!

Oh well, I guess it is the price we pay for sharing the classics with our kids.



Jennifer said...

I hate to tell you, it doesn't get much better! Sometimes I really don't like watching things with my 14 year old - he asks WAY too many questions...STILL! Drives me nuts sometimes! You'd think he'd be old enough to know to watch and wait to see...just like us. Apparently not! And it's just beginning with our 4 year old. Sigh.

Cindy said...

So glad I read this, I was just thinking the other day how neat it would be to watch a "real" movie with my four year old. I'm going to have to rethink that. At least watching Cars for the 1,309,783 time doesn't lend itself to any mystery. ;)