Friday, February 6, 2009

You will find that I am just as effective as warm milk!

So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, try reading this post right before you go to bed.

I just couldn't muster more this week than what I am offering today.

I mean I have been around; reading, commenting.

But to actually put together coherent thoughts of my own.

No way!

Tired would be an understatement, but that is the main reason why.

So here is my bullet-summary from this past week:

* The Ladies' Retreat was so good. Good thoughts, good singing, good food, good friends! We stayed up way too late both nights, but enjoyed every minute of it. More on that later.

* Canton was fun and the weather was perfect for walking around for 3 hours. It did a number on my ankles and feet though and left my right leg sore and crampy for days. Oh well!

* Once back home on Sunday, my day included lunch with my in-laws and 2 other couples from church, as well as a gathering of 3 couples for Super Bowl and food later that evening. It did not include a nap, which I desperately needed!

* My little man and I headed to Dallas Monday for my dr. appt and a visit to my old office. I am so proud of L! He was in excellent-behavior mode and did so well the whole trip, which included hanging out with me at the hospital (we went and saw all the babies!) and at my appointment. I don't think I can take him anymore though. He got all the attention and I got the "oh, you are doing great!" at the last minute. My dr. did a magic quarter trick and juggled for him. My son wants to invite him over for dinner!

* I have gained 16 pounds which is much less than how I feel! Even if (and it likely will) that number doubles by the time I deliver, I can totally live with gaining 32 pounds. The bad part is I flunked my glucose-screen and have to do the 3-hour test this Monday. I have been assured that a lot of women fail the screen but pass the test. Pray that is me!

* We are getting really close to a name for our baby boy!

* My daughter is a Brownie with Girl Scouts for the first time this year. I have such fond memories of GS. I just found out that the leader is leaving and the co-leader is a 25-year old mom of 4 kids and 1 on the way. The leader and I talked the other day and apparently she had already tagged me as a good person to help this young and disorganized (her words, not mine!) lady out with the troop. Warning: That is what happens when you are the mom that actually asks questions and wants to know things ahead of time! More on that later!

* I am working on starting a bible study here at church. I have a lot of mixed emotions about it, coupled with all the emotions I still have in general about being here. Put that all together with pregnancy hormones and you have a winner on your hands!

* So seriously, why did God make us so hormonal during our pregnancy?! It is hard enough to look good as you grow, but then to add the stress of making sure you are wearing your water-proof mascara! The pressure!

* I hate laundry! Need I say more?

* I can proudly say that I am ready for the Valentine's parties; 1 for my dtr, 2 for my son. I just need to add labels to the playdough and bag my dtr's goodies. Sorry kids, no candy or paper cards from me this year! L is giving out mini playdoughs. A is giving pencils and notepads; cute for girls and cool for boys! One trip to the store will mean fulfilling my food requirements-yah!

* There is lots more, but most of it is stuff for longer and more thoughtful posts!

Aren't you glad?


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