Monday, January 31, 2011

Alamo & Sea World 2010

In September, I convinced my  husband that we needed a little vaca since we skipped the summer one dealing with the house.  We have friends in San Antonio, so we decided on Alamo and Sea World.  The last time we had been to Sea World, Anysa was just about Brax's age now.

I was so excited to get us really good Sea World tickets.  They had a special that you could buy a kid ticket for $5 with each adult ticket purchase.  Plus, Brett Michaels was playing in concert that night so that made the trip complete...ha!

The kids had a Friday off, so we headed down on Thursday night so we could check out the Alamo before SW opened.

Heading in for the tour.

Forgot the details, but this tree is BIG and OLD!

Waiting for the dolphins!

This was so fun!!  Since we were there on a Friday morning, the crowds were still really low for the shows.  Anysa was asked to be in the seal show!!

Finding out what it was like to be a seal.

She was a trooper!

Meeting her new friend!

They gave us fish coupons for being in the show.  Those seals can really eat!

Mommy, Luke, and Anysa coming in for the big splash!


Our cool dude!  We did take him on a few rides, including a water one.

Having fun at the SW park.

Waiting on Shamu!

Seriously, I could have taken even more pictures of this.  I don't think it ever stops being magical!  Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Goosebumps again!

Shortly after this picture, Daddy headed to high ground with Brax while I braved the upcoming tidal wave with the big kids.

We got to meet the new baby whale!

A family performance!

They warn you a LOT that it is coming, but you are never quite ready!  And they are not kidding, you get WET WET WET!!  I managed to save my camera right after snapping this shot of Anysa and Luke down front. 

Wish Luke could have been that little boy meeting Shamu.

Saying good bye....and one last splash!!

Brett was returning to SW that night after cancelling this concert last year due to going to the hospital.

Anysa's typical pose at loud concerts (despite wanting to be there!).  We missed the shot of Luke rocking it out.  The couple behind us was laughing at his enthusiasm.

This happened about 5 minutes before the concert started...he was pooped.  And he did not wake up despite the noise!!

We only stayed for about 4 or 5 songs, but I liked it and he did a good show.

We crashed HARD at the hotel that night before visiting with friends the next day. 

I think everyone had a good time!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! We've got to take a vacation this year-- our poor kids haven't been anywhere. :(