Monday, January 17, 2011

Halloween 2010

Don't be spooked how far back in history this takes us! 

I can't NOT tell the stories and share the pictures!  :)

We had a funny clown, an egyptian princess, and a transformer.  Please don't ask me which transformer.  Despite working with kids for 13 years, I can never keep the trains, dinosaurs, and special super heroes all straight. 

My favorite part of this holiday is that I am usually pulling costumes, etc out of a box where they have been stored since I purchased them the year before at 50-80% off!  :)  I got so many good deals the year before last that I still have some unopened costumes and accessories to create new looks for 2011.

My trio

cheesing it up...even the transformer!

brax was so funny about it all.  we had practiced with his costume a few days before just to make sure he would wear it.  the material was pretty yucky and it was almost too small, but he liked it.  he loved that hat and even had fun letting me put make-up on him.  he liked standing on counter and looking at himself in the mirror while we worked.  Can you tell he had been perfecting his "cheese"?  My kids are no strangers to mommy with a camera!

headed for his first big go at raking in the loot.  he was still stroller bound last year!

mom is interupting his mission

daddy rescuing him from the camera.  wish you could have seen him run towards the church

cupcake walk



cleopatra giving it a shot

little man and daddy had been practicing this move at home just for this perfect opportunity!

the winner!



Kimmy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I LOVED the costumes!

Anonymous said...

Well it's Optimus Prime, silly.