Friday, January 7, 2011

Always good for a chuckle

**Post originally started in July 2010.

~ while watching a runner, we have a car but he only has his body
~ on being naughty, this house makes me do it but when we move i will be nice.
~ we need to pray to rocky (meant to say pray for rocky- our first dog who lived a short life with us)
~ while discussing the kids in his class that speak spanish and have a hard time with english, he mentioned that some kids in class talk england (english)
~ while discussing sports, he mentioned a jeffrey (referee)
~ as we were driving one day, he noticed that the further it got from Christmas that the people got less Christmasy (houses less decorated)

~ my memory is locked inside my brain

** I am sure I have loads more of funny things that were said, but forgot to write down!  Bad Mommy!


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