Sunday, February 6, 2011

Puppy Love

Just a quick update on a recent event to tell you of some exciting news around here.  And so my husband can pull up these pictures to show at work....and try to convince some people to take a puppy!  :)

We got Micki in October from a neighbor of a friend of mine.  Turned out my husband actually knew the owner, but we didn't figure that out until we went to pick up Micki.  Micki is a registered full chocolate lab.  She is 3 years old and the family had kept her from the last litter their dog, Mandy, had.  The family had decided they were too busy for a "puppy" and wanted to give her to a family with kids so she could have lots of attention and fun.  Micki had had a litter of puppies once herself, but it wasn't a good delivery and we were told she had not been in heat since then.  That made us a little slow on the move as far as getting her fixed.  Silly us!! :)  Micki is more on the timid side as she had never been away from her mother who was definately the matriarch.  However, she is a wonderful dog and has been so good with the kids.  She loves to run and enjoys the pond now and then.

About a month after we got her, we started having some visitors.  Yep, she was in heat!  I tell you, I have never seen anything like it.  It was like an antenae up on our roof and the signal went out!!  We tried to discourage suitors, but of course, we weren't always here to supervise Micki's "dates".  After we realized she was pregnant, we had our hunch on two dogs; another chocolate lab and a hound dog from across the street.

It turns out the hound won her affections.  So, while we weren't able to carry on the pure chocolate lab tradition, we did find out that Rivers is a registered American Black and Tan Hound.  Apparently, a good dog.  A big dog!!

These pictures are a bit mixed up but I wanted to get them loaded and show a variety.  It seems to take so long to load pictures with Blogger these days, I didn't want to spend more time rearranging them!

Anysa helping Micki open her Christmas present.

Checking out her new bone treat.

Don't mind if I do!

Yum! Yum!

Brax and Micki during our January snow.

Our new Mommy!  Three weeks ago, Micki gave birth to TWELVE puppies!  Oh my, Momma!  And I thought it was hard to nurse and care for one baby at a time.  I had never been present for an animal birth, so this was a good and interesting experience.  I am so glad that a retired vet at church had told us a few things to expect so we wouldn't feel so lost once the birthing started.  Sadly, we lost one puppy.  We think Micki might have sat on the puppy.  :(    On a more positive note, the other 11 puppies did great and have grown like crazy.

Meet Daddy Rivers.

This was a sweet family pic in late October.

I thought this was a really good pic of Micki.  And who is that little human in the background,  you ask?  Why yes, that is Brax trying so hard to get in the pen so he can play in the tub of water!

Our sweet little puppies checking out their new play area.  We built a welping  box for Micki to have her puppies and we knew this weekend that they were getting ready to escape, so we used it and several other barriers to build a "pen" and still allow them to sleep in their box at night.

A big yawn!

Now how can anyone resist this cuteness?!

Or this?!

The gang


Daddy checking on his little pups.

The kids are having fun with all these puppies to love on and play with.  Daddy is having fun with all the, um you know, stuff to clean up every day.  Since Micki decided to give birth in January and we have had lots of snow, it has been really cold with Micki spending lots of time in the garage.  Good times for Daddy!

We have 8 boys and 3 girls.  All beautiful with shiny black coats.  Most are pretty chunky with a few on the lean (but healthy) side.  Only one a special mark...a white spot on his chest.  The kids are negotiating hard for 2 (or more!!), but we have agreed to keep one boy puppy.  We like the idea of having a companion for Micki.  Of course, right now, they are all so stinkin' cute that we want them all but I am sure reality will set in soon of what a crazy thought that is!  :)

We are figuring that they will be ready for new homes in March.

Which one do you want?!!  ;)



Kimmy said...

Sorry I can't have one--they are beautiful.
You mentioned that there were two "fathers" in question and you've determined the hound to be the dad (and a handsome dad he is); but did you know that when it comes to dogs, a female can actually bear pups from two different males if they both bred her during her heat cycle? Yes, it's true. But from the looks of the pups, they all appear to be from the hound. I empathize with you husband on the job of "cleaning up" after them . . . it's not fun. The largest litter I ever had to contend with had only 7 pups. I cannot imagine 11. Yikes! Please continue with photo updates. They are just SO adorable!

Mommy Cracked said...

Oh my gosh!! Y'all HAVE been busy! The puppies are just precious! I hope you can find great homes for all of them. Congratulations on the newest additions! :)