Monday, August 3, 2009

I feel gross, so I am living on the edge

I would be stretching the truth, and hear about from several people, if I labeled myself as "fat" these days.

I know that I am pretty lucky to have walked away from my third pregnancy with just the need to do LOTS of toning up.


But nevertheless, I am feeling gross these days.

A girdle-the woman's bff-can only do so much good!

I usually hang onto some pudge while nursing, so I am trying not to be too hard on myself. But between the desire (notice I said "desire" and not action!) to slim and tone, and my seemingly insatiable appetite lately, I feel that I am losing ground fast.

I am hoping to stick "exercising" into my fall schedule for the 3 weekday mornings I am home alone with baby. I bought Jillian Michael's "30-Day Shred" secondhand after hearing several people complain that it does the job! :) Hopefully, that will do the trick until I can couple it with stroller walks once the cooler days roll in.

It might also help if I stop eating/grazing all day.

But I have a plan for that too!

Recently, while reading Cara's underground blog (!)-which I LOVE BTW!!-I was reminded of a book that I own, The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. So, I started re-reading it. I think that I will re-read a few other health books I have on the shelves and get back to healthy eating. The problem is convincing the rest of the gang to join in with me!

Just last week, in an effort to restock my kitchen, I entered the store with a mission to make 75% of my purchases from the perimeter of the grocery section. Through the aisles, I tried to stick to healthy essentials. As much as possible. I didn't want my family to go into shock! Now, I just have to actually cook the healthy food! :)

I will. I will. All the traveling that I have done lately has made being a lazy cook at home easier. So, I have to recommit after this week!

It will do us ALL good-feel better, look better, act better!

Live better!



Someone Being Me said...

me too. Me too. I am sick of the extra few pounds but I can't stop eating. Does the appetite go back to normal after you stop nursing?

Kimmy said...

You can do this! And don't be too hard on yourself over the weight issue . . . it will eventually come off. Goodness, you have a 3-month-old baby! Give yourself some time. But I am proud of you for aspiring to healthier eating. We've been doing that too and I think it's paying off.

Cara said...

I'm so scattered... I just now saw this. You'll do great. You JUST had a baby! I went on whole-foods-only (no sugar. no sugar. no sugar. lol) when Sam was about 6 months and I was still hanging on to, er, 15 lbs I think. After maybe 2 weeks of eating right it was gone, so I have confidence in you!