Thursday, August 6, 2009


On Tuesday last week, the kids and I returned from our 6-day OK tour!

We survived!

Thankfully, the kids stayed pretty entertained by grandparents, cousins, and fun activities. We were busy and slept well every night!

My pictures are pretty much in reverse order because I greatly dislike spending the time it takes to mess with them.

On Tuesday, before heading home, the kids and I adventured out for a little sidetrip. We met my friend Megan from SortaCrunchy! While it is true that we had never before met in person, I have no hesitation in calling her my friend. We met her and her sweet girls at a splash playground with a regular playground next door and let the kids roam while we chatted. It was easy. It felt comfortable. Kids came and went. There were required bathroom breaks. Snacks and drinks were shared. Slides and sand were experienced. I throughly enjoyed our conversations minus the keyboard! It was a such a treat for me and I look forward to the next time!

(Shame on us for not taking any pictures!)

On Monday, we spent the day circling Edmond in order to catch up with several of my friends.

This is my sweet friend, Kellie, from high school. She has held all my babies! She also likes to hold lots of critters too. BTW, did you wash your hands first?!!! :) She actually drove from Tulsa to meet up with us. We ate yummy pizza and let the kids play at the park while we caught up. I love this sweet pic of her and the boys!

I have known Julie since college and am thrilled that she is joining the mommy club in December! I can't wait to meet him! I loved that we met at her parent's house so I could catch up with her mom as well. I worked for her mom in the financial aide office in my college days. I loved the light behind these two. As you can see, B is enchanted with his toes.

Karin and I endured OT school together. Remember when our class turned in "abysmal" work, girl?!! Or the "paradigm shift"? Oh my! This picture cracks me up because B is always giving us the scowl look. It in no way reflects upon the person holding him! :)

Karin secured a solid position as my kids' new favorite person when she allowed them to swim in her pool while it was raining. No worries, the lightening and thunder were absent with this shower. They had a BLAST-thanks friend!

On Sunday, we went to church and spent the day with Nana and my sister's family. That night, the kids attended my old church's VBS which included some wild animals-kangaroo, BIG turtle, snake, and more. No pics because I left them there and took B back to the house for some quiet time. I wish I had seen L ride the big turtle!

Saturday was a busy day with lots of time for the cousins to play while Nana and I visited. My sister and brother-in-law had weddings to cater so we kept the kids entertained. Well, really we just kept them safe and played with the babies. The big kids entertain themselves!

This is my "sister" Rachel. We have known each other longer than we knew we knew each other. Got that? On Saturday night, she and her husband fixed us a yummy dinner (with the best cole slaw I have ever tried!) then the kids dispersed to play. L loved playing a game of backyard baseball with the big kids while A enjoyed the freedom of riding bikes with Rachel's daughter in the neighborhood. She might have enjoyed the Wii a bit as well!!

Rachel having a little talk with B.

Rachel's boys with B.

On Friday, my sister had a conference to attend all day, so all the kids congregated over at Grandpa's for lots of craziness! They couldn't get enough of the waterslide and got to go see a movie. My grandmother and I got a little quiet time while the babies slept!

Cousin L watching out for baby B!

Besides just being a plain cutie, I love B in these pics because I caught him in mid-drool.

Practicing for the ring toss

Waterslide action!

Sassy cousins

Handsome boys (with special hair goop for a cool do!)

Double greats!

That evening, I also got a short surprise visit with my long-time friend, Tracy. She was in town briefly for a sad reason and was able to spare of few minutes to meet B. I hate that I didn't remember to get my camera out for their sweet moments.

Thursday, the kids and I arrived in my hometown after an easy drive. The kids did great and we managed to only make 2 short potty breaks! I can't say the same for the drive home. Little B was restless and required several adjustment stops and one feeding stop. I think we were all ready to be home!

That day, we just hung out with my Dad, Polly, and my grandmother. It was cooler weather and we enjoyed being outside while the kids tested out the waterslide for Friday. The kids got catering service during our visit and I am sure they have been disappointed to be back to mommy service this past week!

I am glad we took the extra time to make the visit feel less rushed!



Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I know! We SHOULD have taken pictures! Oh well. I had a great time. Thank you AGAIN for making time in your schedule for us.

Rachel said...

Love Ya Sister!