Friday, August 7, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

We had a family post-birthday celebration for L last Friday and Saturday.

We headed to Arlington so Daddy and the kids could take in a Texas Ranger's baseball game. The kids had been preparing for a month. Watching games on TV, learning about scoreboards, getting to know the players. L's favorite is David Murphy!

We headed out Friday, after my fun fast food experience. It was smooth sailing until I asked if Daddy got the tickets. After we were well on the road, of course! Later than we hoped, but we still managed to make it to the hotel in time for the kids to swim for about an hour before leaving for the game.

Here they are getting ready to leave for the game.

Daddy said that L never took that glove off his hand in hopes of catching a ball.

I was pretty bummed because our hotel TV did not show the game! B and I were all set to see them on TV! They watched most of the game before Daddy shuffled them to the hotel van right before the massive downpour! I think they still enjoyed themselves. Sadly, David Murphy wasn't playing that night, but I think the blue cotton candy made him feel better! :)

The kids also got treated to tshirts. This is the best pic I could manage of the gang!

The next morning after breakfast, the kids got to swim about 10 minutes before the next big rain came. Bad luck! Daddy had wanted to drive by the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium anyway, so we packed up and headed over there. I had heard they were giving tours, so once again, he took the kids on that adventure as well. I wouldn't have minded tagging along, but I REFUSE to give any of my money to Jerry Jones. Everything he touches is way overpriced and ridiculously out of reach for so many people. The price of tickets for a game in this new stadium leave a whole lot of regular folks out of luck. That is unless you want to pay for standing room tickets! Probably why soooo many people are touring the stadium. $17.95 tour tickets($14.95/kids) are much more reasonable than the $125 game tickets (at best!). B and I went shopping instead. I would much rather give my money to Target! :)

The interview room

The locker room

The press box

Outside the stadium

After a yummy-bad for me-yummy meal at Snuffer's (God bless Blue cheese bacon hamburgers and cheese fries!!), we headed home!



Kimmy said...

Wow . . . that sounds like a lot of fun! My boys would love to go to a "real" ball game; however, we'd have to travel to Seattle, WA for the closest stadium. That's not a reality for us.

Mommy Cracked said... husband would be so jealous! He is a HUGE Texas Rangers fan! Looks like a great time was had!