Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Baby

So behind!

So far behind!

This is my July update for sweet baby B.

These first pictures are from his 6 week session. I have done it with all the kids. I convert to b&w, then frame a 4-picture series which includes face, tummy, hands, feet. It is so fun to see the similarities and the differences!

6 weeks

L wore this same outfit, only he filled it out much more! Wish I had time to find pictures and compare. Maybe soon! This is a soccer team from New Zealand. My husband's friend is from there and sent it to us when L was born.

B loves sitting in this chair and watching the crazy antics of his brother and sister! On this day, he was bonding with his sister.

It was funny to watch him change emotions in less than 30 seconds!

Whose that handome fella?

He had just about outgrown the basket! We have sinced moved him to the actual bassinet and let Aunt J use it at her house for the little baby she takes care of during the week.

I had just introduced him to the big swing. I had put the other two in it much earlier and wish I had remembered to do the same for him so we could compare.

He LOVES his critter mobile! I love it too. It keeps him entertained and I can take it off when I don't need it. These days, he just talks contantly to his "friends"!!

L loves to go head to head with little brother. I am sure these two will be quite a pair very soon!

He is telling big brother something really important.

Hanging out with sister.

(yes, I get the eyebrow all the time. hope it is not the "angry eyebrow"!! larry boy, anyone?!)



Missy said...

What a cutie! And love the facial expression change in 30 seconds!

Kimmy said...

I love the pictures! B is SO adorable! When I see stuff like this I get so nostalgic and truly wish I could do it again.

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! And growing like a weed!!

Cara said...

He is darling!

Tina said...

The poked out lip pic is precious! He is growing up so fast! I think the one of him on his belly asleep is my favorite, though.--Eat him up!

Martie said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO sweet! You will treasure those photos forever. There's nothing like baby chub and smiles to brighten your life! :O)