Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My own little trail of tears

I started down that trail over 7 years ago and I don't expect to find the end for years to come!

My two big babies started school yesterday.

No real tears, just amazement at how we got this far.

She will explore 2nd grade this year.

He is ready to conquer his kindergarten class.

(If you are thinking how cute he looks with his new haircut, I am sure he would be happy to do something similar for you if you ask. Yes, he took a chunk out of his "bangs" on Sunday night. Thank goodness for hair gel and the popular spike do!!)

Or as his teacher called it, "advanced pre-k" for those that have difficulty talking about their child doing kindergarten twice. BTW, I am not that person. "Red-shirting" as I have recently come to hear it called is exactly what many of our kids needs. They certainly don't need to be hurried any faster than they already are!

I am excited for them both.

She got another great teacher this year. I know her year will be full of challenges, but I know she will be successful beyond what we can even imagine.

This is going to be such a growing year for him, in so many positive ways. Because the class is a true kindergarten, there will be lots of learning going on. Best of all, Jesus is smack in the middle of all the learning! It is woven into the curriculum throughout the year. Oh what I wouldn't do to have that for my children throughout their academic years! I love that his teacher is passionate about learning, loves those kids, and is consistent! The woman has 9 boys in her class in addition to the 5 girls, she has to be consistent! My son needs that!! She met with 3 students/families at a time for 30 minutes at "open house" so she would have time to talk to everyone, go over how her class runs, and answer any questions. Love it!

Wanna know what did make me tear up a bit?

When she told us that the children would rotate as leader of the day. As leader of the day, Ms. C and her class pray for that child AND his or her family by name. She just wanted us to know that every 14 days, we would be prayed for individually.


So, dropping the kids off yesterday was more about excitement.

Excited for them.

And oh so excited for me!

Details about that another time.


Not so much excitement.

And likely some tears.

Which is exactly why I will save my make-up routine for my drive to work.

After the drop-off.

I have to be away from my sweet, precious, happy, did I say precious?, little baby ALL day.

Cue knife-in-the-heart scene.

While I know he is going to be in some very loving hands, it still breaks my heart in a few little pieces.

See why?

So yes, there will be tears today.

Y'all might want to bring a paddle on your way out.


**Update**Obviously, this already happened and I am just updating to add the pictures and to say that I survived. The report was that my baby was just perfect all day long. Of course! :)


Kimmy said...

I loved this post. Your kids are adorable . . . I love your son's hair. I wouldn't have even suspected anything. And wow, what a special opportunity for him to attend such an amazing Kindergarten. You are blessed!

Jenna said...

Great pictures! I hope that they both have a fantastic year. I can't believe how big B is getting. He is just adorable. I miss having a baby around.

Mommy Cracked said...

What an amazing teacher...and school. Our little guy attends a private Christian school and I wish every child in the world could receive wht he is getting there. It maakes SUCH a positive difference.

Their pictures are super cute! The little one sure is growing!