Thursday, September 27, 2007

When it matters most

I would love to tell you about Joe and Lora Chandler.

Except I don't really know them.

Here is what I do know....

Their son Matt and his sweet pregnant wife April and their precious other children just placed membership at our church. We were lucky enough to have them join our LifeGroup. And even better, they live in our town! (We live 30 minutes from our church.)

Know why they came? We got ourselves a new preacher man from New Mexico and he was Matt's youth minister long ago. We found our guy (or rather God sent him!) after a very long 18 months of searching. Build it and they will come, right? ;)

Last week, I received an email from April letting me know that they were leaving for New Mexico that very wee morning. 2:00 am to be exact! Matt's parents' business, their sole means of living, had been totally destroyed by fire. The building, the wood, the tools, EVERY.THING! They live next to their business and their home was not harmed.

When I spoke with April earlier this week, I found out that lightening had struck the building.


It does happen.

To make this story hurt even more, due to financial circumstances, they had been forced to discontinue the insurance on their business about a year before. I could be wrong on the timeframe, but the outcome is still the same.

No insurance. No business. No income.

Also, sadly, Joe has dealt his whole adult life with a debilitating bone condition which has resulted in numerous surgeries, with another surgery scheduled when this happened.

April was also able to share with me what amazing things they saw happen while they were there last week to help Matt's parents. The church and the town rallied around them. They loved them and took care of the many needs they had. The destruction was cleaned up, a new temporary structure was built, tools and wood were provided, money was provided. And I am sure a lot of prayers and emotional support.

I wanted to share this with you today because Joe is obviously an incredible builder. The website displays the most stunning pieces of craftsmanship you might ever find. You can also read about them and their business.

And of course, what tickles my heart the most, is this is an opportunity to support another great AMERICAN MADE business!

If you or anyone you know is looking to purchase quality, hand-made, American made furniture, please go check out .

I am sure the whole Chandler family and those that are employed by them would be so grateful!

Wouldn't it be incredible if we gave them so much business that they needed to hire more employees!!

I can't wait until I need new furniture!!


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Lora said...

April shared your blogsite with me. Thank you for mentioning our fire and website. Kindness like this is the reason we are finding hope in a desperate situation. God's far-reaching power is humbling. We are amazed at the gifts we are receiving from Him through family, friends, church family, our community and many strangers who have never seen or talked to us, but have heard our story. Life is uncertain and can drastically change in an instant. When it does, you come to understand that abiding in God is the only place of safety. We don't know if God is trying to teach us or humble us or re-direct our path, but we are going to trust Him to lead us toward a new life that is literally springing forth out of ashes. It won't be easy. There is so much work to be done. But, we can face it knowing that God is faithful and He will never forsake us. Thank you! Lora Chandler