Friday, September 28, 2007


It may take me forever to get down my list, but I really just want you to savor a few goodies each Friday in case you want to soak up all the goodness each has to offer. If I did more than five, you might just get lost! I am being strict with myself and actually going straight down my favs list as they appear on my pop up. If I don't and skip around, I will just forget to go back and tell you about someone!

Here is my third revealing of Friday Fuzzies!

The Lazy Organizer
I love Lara and her site! She is practical with her tips and funny. And she has a mean trigger finger with a power tool! Seriously, she has done some amazing work as far as building things for their home. They have taken on a serious house project as far as I can tell, but she does not seem overwhelmed. At least to me! Go get lots of great ideas from her and be sure to read about her organizing bags that you can purchase. It is such a deal! And don't forget to tell her congratulations on her growing belly!

The Wilson Six
Jen has a cute site where she shares about her life, her family and all her cute ideas. Just the other day, I saved an old wreath that had seen its better day because of this idea. Don't forget to go check out her business, J Designs. She has cute calling cards, aprons, clipboards, marble magnets, and much more!

will blog for shoes
UnBeelievable! I think we might be buds if we lived closer. And actually knowing each other always helps! I am learning she was likely cool and fun in her pre-mom life (like me), loves being a mom (like me), might occasionally suffer from a post-mom identity crisis or two (like me), tries to do things herself (like me), but has good taste and knows when the real thing counts (like me). Who knows if I am all those things I think I am, but I sure do love reading about Bee's life, her wee Wog, and her funny stories and insights. She is sweet, go say hi!

Our Seven Qtpies
Again, another perfect example of why blogging has been good for me. My initial thought is to be honest and say, I am not really sure if we would be friends in "real life". I might think we are too different, our lives are too different. I am so glad I know her this way first, so I will not miss out on all she has to offer. With many kids, comes many hoot hollerin' stories and she has them. I love when she shares the everyday stuff, her heart, her ideas. It is all good. Maybe our "real life" paths will cross one day!

Smockity Frocks
Connie just seems to ooze sweetness to me, but she is not afraid to share her mom moments. She has a precious family with one on the way. She, like many others I have come to know, has humbled me as I watch her efforts to live with less and have more. She has good stories, good ideas, and makes the cutest darn aprons! And just now, as I was scrolling through her archives, I learned she got this close to Bob Barker on Price Is Right. Lucky! Gotta go find out more! Head over there yourself!

Happy Friday Fuzzies to all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I feel all fuzzy inside!

We sure would be best buds if you lived closer!

And you are right! I used to be VERY COOL! ;-)


Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Thank you so much! I'm honored!

The Lazy Organizer said...

You are so sweet! This made my day!

Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! Have a great weekend!

Qtpies7 said...

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy! It is actually funny how close of friends you can be when you are not alike at all. Maybe we would be the best of friends if we met in real life.