Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letting Go!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The past 3 Fridays, I have been helping my sweet friend (and mom of 2 sets of twins!) tackle her house. In case you don't remember, she was put on bed rest right before they had to move last October, and then ended up delivering the babies a month early! So obviously, any organization that she would have desired concerning the move and the new house were thrown out the window! Thank goodness she has such an easy going personality!

And good for her she has such an uptight friend when it comes to clean and organized!!! :) Oh, I am not that bad!

For several months, I kept the older boys on Fridays, to give her a break around the house and let her spend some alone time with the newest twins. Then, I couldn't take it anymore, and we decided to tackle (or attack!) her house.

Shame on me for not taking "before" pics because we have made some big changes around there. But honestly, we just did not think about it because the minute I walked in, we pretty much hit it hard until I left each afternoon. Our kids played great together and the babies were gems, so we got a lot done.

The first Friday, we worked on the kitchen. Organized cabinets, unloaded about 5 boxes, organized some shelves, cleared and organized her bar, and created almost a whole huge box of recycling! Bless her heart! I am tough. I think I could get a job with Peter on "Clean Sweep". But she was a trooper!

The second Friday, our goal was clearing the long hallway of the line of boxes (two deep). We literally finished so fast! She was shocked. Because we did need an actual place to put some of those things, we decided to head to the guest room where her grandmother had been staying for several months! The room had a bed, a big dresser, an armoire, a bed trunk, and piles and piles of stuff! The closet was in disarray as well. By the time we were done, we had relocated the dresser (into the office for her Arbonne storage) and the bed trunk (to the foot of her bed). We had moved the armoire and tv across from the bed, moved the bed, cleared ALL the stuff out of the room, cleaned out the closet, and hung some pictures!!

This past Friday, we did not have as much time, but managed to find the floor of her bedroom closet! Seriously! You literally could not get into the closet without stepping on things. We loaded up 4 huge boxes for garage sale, made a pile for her hubby to inspect and decided on, hung all the clothes, organized shoes and other stuff. We had originally wanted to work on her bedroom, but I bet we are doing that this Friday!

Anyhoo! Cleaning out her closet got me thinking. What have you tackled in your closet lately? As we went through her closet, she was so cool with my chuckles, my curious glances, and my "um, what about this?" (better interpretated as "What were you thinking?!" We both got a good laugh over many things.

After finding the second adult bodysuit, I told her flat out that I would be taking this home and discussing it amongst ya'll. I honestly can not remember wearing these, but she said they were popular. Have I really lost that much of my memory that I would forget wearing a shirt as an adult which had to be snapped together down there?!

The evidence!

Happy Tackling!

p.s. Yes, she knows I am talking about her! I bet this makes her laugh!


Bev said...

I do remember wearing these, but I was a teenager!

Jennifer said...

I do not remember wearing those. Ever.

Zen Master said...

I remember those! I had a black one I wore once in 1990 when I was a freshman in HS. lol

Sounds like you guys have been really busy. That's really great of you to help her.

Diann said...

Can't say I had anything like that except for when I was taking dance in elementary school--not the most comfortable thing!

I have to tell you--you've motivated me! I did a MAJOR closet purge yesterday and took 6 huge bags to Goodwill today. I only kept my favorite clothes--my closet is now bare but very clean! The lady at Goodwill laughed at me and asked did I have anything left to wear!

kel said...

I had a few of them at one point. I think it was early 90s.
I am about to start major clean sweeping as we are putting our house on the market in just a few months.

J said...

I had them for my ballet classes. I wish I have a friend who'd help me clean my place. You're sweet! =)

Cara said...

Oh yes, I had two of those. I thought I was very cool, but I think I may have hit the tail end of the fashion era. My mom bought them for me for Christmas in 5th grade or so after she clarified from my more trendy friend, 'so, they snap down THERE, like a baby's shirt?!' Teehee.