Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recap & Reboot

**This was my original Monday post which got interrupted. It would have made more sense on Monday :), but it will work for today!

Just a smattering of things to share with no cohesive thread, but maybe you can find something interesting down below!

* You would not believe everything I got done last Thursday evening! I fed the kids, started some laundry, sorted through 2 bags of Anysa's old clothes that someone had given back to me, organized the clothes for storage, found 5 old dresses that would be cute to wear with pants now, did a load of dishes by hand, dried the dishes, put the dishes away. All while chatting with my "friend". The Kirby boy. I am so nice, ya'll. So nice. This girl showed up at my door around 6:45pm. She had her half-shirt, half-shorts, her lighter, her cigarettes, and her flyers ready when I opened the door. She needed two more people to say yes to call it a night. And for me it meant a clean spot on my carpet. Maybe! She said it would only take 20 minutes, so I said yes. She got on the phone and called in the troops, which arrived in the big blue van. Scary. I do know this company and their location, so I knew they weren't going to throw me in the van and drive away. Their slick guy, closer, whatever his name was came in with his gear as I followed along stating emphatically that I was just helping them out and as much as I love Kirby, I.WOULD.NOT.BE.PURCHASING.ANY.THING.TO.NIGHT! "No problem!", he said! I tried to carry on friendly and casual conversation as he took his "20 minutes" just unloading and prepping. Of course, he kept throwing in his sleazy salesperson catch phrases (no, I don't think every salesperson is sleazy. HE just happened to be!) I stayed strong (and friendly) as he vacuumed away all the microscopic dirt that is slowly killing us and our carpet. HEY, I know that, but we can't replace a floor or a vacuum right now. Finally, the kids and hubby arrived home from their bike ride and jogged upstairs for a movie. Luke came down once to entertain him with lots of "Look at me do....". After mentioning SEVERAL times that it was getting close to bedtime for the kids, I finally had to say "stop" when he persisted that he finish what he promised by cleaning the carpet spot. At some point, he threw in the phrase, "so, it's not a priority?" which was about the last straw for me! Implying my family was not a priority for me! Anyway, he took another 20 minutes to pack up and I ushered him to the front porch for him to await his ride. In a friendly way, of course :)

* Last Friday evening, Anysa had her make-up class for dance then I headed to a party my neighbor was hosting for another neighbor. Neighbor #2 had a successful business with another company but decided to switch gears to one that fit her love/talent/personality more. Two totally different types of products. Her new one deals with home decorating. I am a firm believer in supporting your friends' businesses, whether you can buy 1 item or loads of stuff! So I went, knowing at the least, it would be fun! Earlier that week, I had emailed neighbor #2 to ask where the products were made and manufactured. I am trying to best of my ability to stand firm by my convictions to stop buying things made in China; hoping to increase my purchases being made in the USA (at the least!). It is hard. I will be the first to admit. Just try picking up 10 random items in the store and see what the % is that says "Made In China"!! Anyway, at the party, I found out that 2 types of products were made in Texas. Unfortunately, the few items I was considering for my home were........well, you know! So, I got some yummy food packets and called it an evening. I will say, that my neighbor was very sweet and confirmed that I should stand by my convictions.

* Saturday meant golf for Curtis for the first time in about 2 years. I took the kids to a fun non-party birthday party (inside joke!) at a smaller and cleaner version of Chucky Cheese called Peter Piper Pizza. I have a fond dislike for the first!!

* Sunday was our 4th weigh-in! After not losing, but not gaining from my previous 5 pound loss, I did lose another 2.5 pounds! Together, the 12 of us, lost 17.7 pounds. We had lost 9 pounds the week before; a bad week for us all!

Are you bored yet!

Come back tomorrow for some Friday Fuzzies!!



Kimmy said...

Woah! What a day!
Way to go regarding the weight loss! I'm happy for you.

Diann said...

You are REALLY nice to let the carpet people in and WAYYYY more patient than I would have been! Good job girl.