Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Abyss

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Our playroom is one of those rooms that can either make me feel blessed or cursed.

Honestly, I avoid the room for long periods of time until I just can't take the EXTREME and DANGEROUS clutter anymore.

Or, I fear that whatever may be growing up there could possible rise from the carpet at any moment and attack my children.

Either option is equally as frightening!

The room is truly a blessing in that 80% of the toys, movies, play-related items are housed up there. Until about 6 months ago, we actually still kept a good number of toys in our living room so the kids could have things to play with in various places of the house. On one of their trips to the grandparents, we purged and hauled all of that either upstairs or into their rooms. They do have play things in each of their rooms, but I try to keep that at a minimum so I can have some semblence of clutter control.

Oh, who am I kidding!

The curse is that my children have inherited my husband's talent of not understanding the basic concept of "everything has a place". While I do dream of this room one day being a cover shot of either an Ikea or Container Store catalog, for now I must settle on my own devices of organization. I have done my best with my resources to organize in clear or open containers, to group similar types of toys together, and to teach the kids how everything has a home.

I have failed at the latter. Obviously!

Sunday was one of those days that I just couldn't take it anymore.

The destruction hits you even as you enter the room. That plaid couch just makes it worse!

The center of the playroom has not escaped the explosion! Luke seems to be surveying his crumb damage all over the carpet.

The activity/car corner-before.

NOTHING in its home!

LOOK, a clear path! Baby basket, green bucket of large legos/building pieces, red bucket of "bricks", Mr. Ed.

The red couch I prefer along with bean bags for extra kid-seating. And you can see the floor!

The activity/car corner. Electronic games, music, puzzles, Little People, books,

Luke's car center is tucked next to the house in a big plastic bucket.

Little People's big stuff, green bucket of smaller legos, pink bucket of Anysa's doll stuff, doctor kit, took kit, buckets, bean bags.

Kitchen/game corner. Table, writing stuff, kitchen stuff in 3-drawer cabinet and bottom red bucket. Red bucket of games and one of LeapPads and games.

Happy Tackling!


Jennifer said...

it looks great! You are inspiring me!

lifeasamama said...

wow! that is a serious tackle and it looks great...

2boys2teach said...

That was a big tackle. It looks amazing. Enjoy your 'new' space. Blessings!

Dawn said...

That looks great! It's hard to believe that playrooms and kids' rooms can get so messy. It's hard to get them to pick up after themselves, but one of these days (I keep wishing) it will happen. Until then I will have tackles like yours every month or so. Good job.

Diann said...

You are so organized! These pics amaze me like your last ones did! You have motivated me to finish up a room that has not been totally unpacked from our move.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us last week. It meant more than you know for our family!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow! Looks great!!! Toys are a hard thing to organize b/c of all of the weird shapes and sizes!

lifeasamama said...

you asked how to do the line thing... you edit your post... and you can't do it in the normal "compose" page - just to the left of "compose" is "edit html."

go to that page, and you'll see the html for your post. the html for the line is del, so you'll go < del > and then close it out with < /del > (just take out the spaces, i did that so it wouldn't think it was html. :)

hope this helps! you may need to play with it a little before getting it to work just right (that's why i had my whole list deleted out when i'd really only done half.)

Donetta said...

O.K. I think you win so far. Man what a great job!

Jenna said...

The playroom is such a struggle in our house! I clean it and organize it and a few weeks later it is a disaster again. I am obviously failing at teaching my kids how to take care of their things :-(

Jenna said...

Forgot to tell you that it looks great!!

kel said...

Wow that looks so great