Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sibling Love

The kids have really been (mostly) great with B.

Of course, my daughter takes her "mothering" role quite seriously. She will play with him, soothe him, hold him, and help with diapers and bathing. I still have to use caution with her though; she believes her skills are greater than I do right now. Her favorite thing is to stand up while holding him so she can do the baby bounce or mother sway motions! She is a huge help during those times when he needs some attention, but I need a bathroom break or other such things!

My big boy is really trying to be a helper as well. He doesn't always have the soft touch I am needing for baby care, but he loves to entertain him and will hold him for me when I need my hands free for a few minutes. It is easy to see that he adores his little brother. That is if you ignore the occasional bops on the head he gives him!! :)

Personally, I think they love him so much because he doesn't wake the house at night!

I caught sister off-guard, but I love how baby brother is just hangin' out with big sister.

Who doesn't want their baby being cared for by a super hero....aka big brother!

Sniff sniff! L used to be that little too!

This is just one of example of all the times I am trying to take pics or video of the baby and big brother wants in on the action.

It ends up working out in the end!



Kimmy said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love it! And it should last right up until he's mobile & into all their stuff! ;)