Friday, July 17, 2009

Round Up

I am not sure what has been going on lately that I have left out, so bear with any repetitions!!

* L went to his first camp this summer. It was a 4-day church day camp for 5-8 year olds. I had originally planned on sending them both, but thought this could be his special thing since his sister has had many activities of her own this summer (swim team, cooking class, science class).

I was really proud of him. He seemed a tad nervous the first day, but enjoyed the week. It was an all day thing from 9-3, which included swimming, bible stories, crafts, sports, lunch, etc. He slept well each night!

I especially loved that another mom from church drove the kids there and back every day in her 15-passenger van!! The camp is about 45 minutes from our town, so that saved me huge chunks of time each day! It also allowed me to spend time with my dtr and baby that week.

Nervous, but working hard to listen!

Excited to start his first day with swimming!

Showing off his camp t-shirt and little souvenir!

* My dtr has finished her commitment to swim team for the summer. I think she enjoyed it most of the time! I hope both her and my son participate next year. My son has already signed up for flag football in the fall. I think we might get her back into gymnastics/dance as they continue to seem more of an athletic fit for her despite trying other things. I would still like to add some form of music to their enrichment, but still checking into that.

* My MIL kept the baby on Tuesday afternoon so I could take the kids swimming. Our good time got interrupted with the Tragic Pool Incident of 2009! Thankfully, it wasn't The VERY Tragic Pool Incident!! My son made it to the bathroom but not the toilet. Wet bathing suit + p**p x 5 year old's attempt at self-cleaning before Mommy could arrive on the scene = GROSS. I brought the swim suit home in a plastic bag, but couldn't bring myself to deal with it. I can say without hesitation that I feel no guilt by tossing it in the trash.

* VBS this week. Usually my time to drop kids off and enjoy some free time. I especially felt compelled to do that this year since I just had a sweet baby 2 months ago. Again, I was not feeling guilty whatsoever. Then I made the misstep of listening to one of the girls say that she had signed up for two responsibilities. Big ones. Decorating AND snacks. I offered to collect money and purchase snacks. Apparently, at Small Church USA that also means being fully responsible for all aspects of VBS snacks-gathering donations, purchasing food, finding snack volunteers, set-up, hand-out, and clean-up. Silly me for not realizing that! It went well though. I received generous donations. Enough to purchase snacks this year and probably next year as well. In past years, they use the money for other related children's activities, but I chose to start a VBS snack fund instead. I was able to enjoy good conversation with the few that volunteered. I also felt good about the snacks we provided this year. We had a 4-day VBS with snacks that included fruit, cheese cubes and pretzel sticks, popcorn, and yes cookies! I am sure I threw some ladies off by not asking for cookie donations, but hopefully the kids got a healthier version of VBS without cookies everyday!

* I had to take the boys for check-ups on Wednesday. L had a 5-year old check up and B had his 2-month old check up. L is 45" tall and 47.5 pounds. Sister better watch out because he is catching up FAST! B is 24" tall and 12.7 pounds!! I have a 2-month old that is 2 feet tall; that just sounds crazy to me! Anyway, both were deemed healthy and happy which makes Mommy happy!

* At the end of next week, the kids and I are traveling for 6 days to see family and friends Oklahoma. Most of my visits home involve just family and a short turnaround of time. I decided to enjoy a longer visit at a slower pace this time! Despite having family around to help, you might still pray for my sanity as I travel with the three kids!

* A few days after we return, we all head to the big city for a stay at a hotel and a baseball game as a late birthday celebration for L. The baby and I will skip the baseball game, but hopefully we can all enjoy the pool while there.

* The last of my travels for summer will find me and the kids in Dallas to visit friends that haven't met B, a GNO, and extra hugs for one of my dear friends who is moving to the other side of Texas from me. :(

* Coming home from that trip will leave us with 2 weeks before school starts on the 24th! No doubt those 2 weeks will keep me busy with getting us all organized and ready for the new school year, but I hope it will mean a smoother road to travel once school starts.


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Cindy said...

Wow you have been busy! Sounds like the kiddos are having an awesome summer.