Sunday, July 12, 2009

Amazing love

I was super busy on Friday and Saturday which left me with no time to get this done in time for theme week!

Here is some Sunday baby love!

It is truly amazing how these little bundles grow and change in just a few short months.

Two months to be exact!

All the pictures from this week have watched him grow in May and June, so it is even fun for me to peek at them again knowing how he has changed even more in July.

His fancy church outfit....and his worried look!

One of his favorite activities! He would stay there until the water turned cold, just like his sister. I can see my water bill going up more in coming years!

Post-bath happiness.

Mommy and me.

Tough guy.

Checking out the ceiling fan before the big game!

It should come as no surprise that I advocate lots of active tummy time early on. :) Here he is practicing his tricks!


I love this picture! While many people will quickly comment that he looks like his brother, this picture confirmed that he does indeed have many of his sister's qualities. They share the same face shape and eyes while he also has his brother's dimple. Bottom line is that they all pretty much look more like me, including the signature chin! While big sister was more petite and big brother was way heftier at this age, they all look alike!

I offered to try again so Daddy could hope for one that looked more like him.

My offer was rejected!



Melissa in Mel's World said...

Oh My Goodness Stacey, he is absolutely precious!!! Thanks so much for taking us on a photo journey with the little man, he is such an amazing blessing!

xoxo, Melissa in Mel's World

Cindy said...

Great pics! He's so handsome. Love that second to last one with him giving the "thumbs up". LOL We also have that baseball outfit. :)