Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tell your Momma to get her own blog!

Some people have such nerve!

They find out that you are famous and expect all kinds of favors!

Just take these two innocent-looking characters, for example.

Just because their wife and momma is one of your good friends, they seem to expect you to plaster them all over your blog.

I think his exact words were, "I want to be on your blog.".

Well, there you go!

I hope you both enjoyed your 2 minutes of fame!



That was fun!

K is one of my sweetest, dearest friends who is a faithful and always-encouraging reader! I just didn't realize some of her family stayed caught up here as well! So, of course I am totally teasing them! I mean how cute is that sweet girl of hers!

I keep telling her to start her own because she always has a tale to share. Usually about some crazy thing she has gone and done! Her latest one was quite a doozy, but I will never tell in hopes that she will one day! Suffice it to say that she earned her key to the Golden Gate a few weekends ago!

Come on K! You can do it!


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