Friday, October 31, 2008

Just one more word on the matter

I should have shared this website a long time ago.

I can't remember where I found Politics 4 Moms, but I have really appreciated what she has to offer.

If you need an unbiased place to go where you can read the simplest versions of what the candidates believe and have to offer America, then this is the place to go. From time to time, she does allow guest writers who freely share their opinion, but Natalie has kept her contributions very neutral. I am sure she has an opinion, but that has not been the purpose of her blog.

And while I have a very strong opinion about who I think is best to lead our country right now (at least who is our current best option!), I still can appreciate a place where I can read what the other person is offering without a lot of muddled rhetoric.

Be sure to check out her latest batch of posts especially. She has taken many specific topics and bulleted each candidate's record or stance on the topic.

I love bullet points!


p.s. And of course, if you want to go read someone who has done a great job sharing my opinion over and over, you can always go see my girl MommyZabs!


Natalie said...

Thanks for the shout out! And the highest compliment you could pay is by saying that P4M is impartial. It's not always easy (b/c I definitely have an opinion too!) but I think its important to get the facts without all the (ahem) bias.

kel said...

That is a good site thanks for sharing. We don't have early voting so hubby and I will be at the polls first thing in the morning. Kids are excited to see the process this year they are more interested.