Thursday, October 9, 2008

Duped. Twice. But more importantly!

I heard the faint cry last night around 10:30 pm.


I bolted upstairs.

I knew.

She slightly resembled Linda Blair.

Only no head spinning.

Cleaning and rearranging for the night ensued.

This morning.

No warning.

He was just a pathetic little man sitting in a mess.

I almost joined the club as I cleaned up that time.

Safe now.

On a pallet of well-covered furniture and a trash can near by.


The whirring and tumbling sounds float from under the door of my laundry room.

I need a nap!


Today, my friend Andrea is having surgery to remove lymph nodes and have them tested for cancer. On October 29th, she will have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for a cancer that is currently contained. She is a mom of young kids. She is not giving "chance" an opportunity.

She is brave. She is strong. She is faithful. She has a strong and supportive network where she lives, including her family.

As you find a moment during your prayers or quiet time, please remember her. Today and in the next few weeks.



Anonymous said...

YUCK!! I hate the throw ups the worst!!

BTW, praying for Andrea and her family.

Jennifer (mom of four) said...

I hope everyone at your house feels better and that you don't get it.

Tell Andrea that We are praying for her and her family! She is ver BRAVE!!! Hugs!

Cindy said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Hope everyone feels better soon.

Prayers go out to your friend Andrea and her family during this time.

Cindy said...
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Mandy /Mommy Cracked said...

Keeping your friend AND you and your kids in my prayers. It's tough when they're sick. Hope everyone is feeling better real soon.