Thursday, October 30, 2008

I voted.


My little man got to help me.

Want to know his favorite part?

Getting to actually touch the GRAND OLD FLAG!

(I just type it the way I hear it!)

Both of my kids have been learning the song at their respective schools. I get to hear them practice. A lot! I need to write down their versions one day while they are singing before they actually start singing all the real words! L's is particularly humorous!

As we drove away from the election place, he continued to impress me even more as he told me:

* The flag has 50 stars.
* Because there are 50 "stakes".
* The Texas flag only has 1 star.
* And that Texas is a state.

The brain of a 4-year old continues to amaze me!

Especially when I have to ask myself WHY I would find said 4-year old "washing" his hands in the toilet water that he just did his business in.

Thankfully, all solids remained intact.

Momma just about lost her lunch though.

I know you too really want to ask "WHY?".

Can we ever really know or understand the grossness that comes with boyhood?

I have to go wash my hands again just thinking about it!


p.s. The fact that he really did know better furthers the uselessness in even bothering to ask "WHY?"! All I can say to his future wife right now is that I am trying. I really am trying! :)

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Jenna said...

That is funny, funny, funny!!You are throwing up now but you will be laughing about it in the future - you know, like in 10 years or so.