Friday, April 30, 2010

Roundin' the bend

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I just turned 10 months, but so far 11 months is pretty fun too!

  • I love to eat mashed potatoes, refried beans, taco meat with guacomole, black beans, grapes and lots more! Sometimes, Mommy can't get it to my tray fast enough!
  • After months of work, I FINALLY have those little white bumps called teeth poking out! I have 2 teeth poking out the bottom AND 1 tooth starting to poke out from the top. Mommy is super sad about the top tooth. She says it means that I am growing up way too fast!
  • I got my first real cold this month. Not fun! I am back to my regular self now though.
  • I am sleeping through the night....most nights!
  • I am a busy busy boy! I never want to miss out on the action around here. I love to explore the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen.
  • I especially like to sneak to the toilet, trashcan, or under the kitchen cabinets before Mommy or Daddy can wisk me away! I try to flash my big grin to throw them off, but it never usually works. When they say "uh, uh, uh", it makes me giggle.  Mommy keeps saying that she is good at raising strong-willed children!
  • I still like look out the windows and it is really cool to walk under the table. It is like my little fort.
  • Mommy and I have been going on walks several mornings a week. I usually talk to the birds and squirrels or take a little nap. I also see mean dogs and roosters along the way.
  • I love to follow sister and brother around just to make sure they stay out of trouble! ;) I love to wrestle with brother and play with sister. I always have to toddle to their room at night for hugs and kisses and then I like to wake them up in the mornings by crawling on them to give them big squeezes.
  • When they are at school, I usually play with toys, read my books, or have a chat with sister's dolls. I am really interested in their faces, especially the one that talks to me!
  • I am still good at bumping my head! I love to walk all over the place, but sometimes I get in a hurry and fall down. Luckily, the bruises go away fast.
  • I am a great clapper and try to keep rhythm with songs. I even try to sing along now.
  • If I think something is funny, I have a big laugh now. It cracks Mommy and Daddy up.
  • My new favorite thing is talking on the "phone". I pretend that lots of things are phones too.
  • I don't like talking animals or when my brother wears animals masks. I back up pretty fast when those things come around.
  • I don't really like it when Mommy or Daddy leave lately. Sometimes I just look sad but other times I cry.
It is hard to believe that I turn ONE in just a few weeks! Mommy is planning a fun little party with family and a few friends. I can't wait!


My poor red face after a few days with a cold.
Going for it!
Excuse me while I take this call.

One is never too young for oral hygiene!
I LOVE me some black beans! (Notice the green peas pushed off to the side!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that brings back so many sweet memories...

I remember when my 15 year old daughter could stand under our table - and was just tall enough to see Barney on tv at eye level.

He sounds much like my "baby boy" who is now 8 - full of curiosity and intelligence and energy. I enjoyed having that last one a bit later than the others... what would I do without my little boy to squeeze and kiss now that the girls are as tall as me? :)

Enjoy your bouncing baby boy - it sure goes fast, doesn't it?