Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What better way to test out your new tooth than with a little toe for breakfast!

This little dude has been "teething" since about 5 months and his first bottom tooth just broke the surface on Saturday!  The second one seems close behind!  Which explains his crank.i.ness these past few weeks!

Personally, I think he will be getting a lot more to follow soon.  All of his gums seem so red.  And on Sunday, I swear that I felt a bump on top! Yikes! 

I love baby mouths.  Those precious red lips around those sweet little mouths that show off those cute gums every time they smile!  Don't think Momma is ready for little man to have teeth! 

That means he is growing up, right?!!




Cindy said...

LOL!!! Love the chewing on the toes photo! Too cute!

Anonymous said...


Cyndy said...

Love this picture! And yes, he is growing up, and way too fast!!

Anonymous said...

I love when they nibble their toes. So sweet. It seems like once that first tooth bursts through, their little mouths are FULL of teeth.