Monday, April 5, 2010

It was my first. It may be my last

I had my first grown-up garage sale.

I am sure that my family did a few when I was growing up.  I don't really remember, so if we did, there probably weren't that many.

But this was my first solo. 

I have always avoided the things.  I know.  You always hear how people have incredibly successful garage sales and that is great.  You also hear about all the hard work it takes to put one together.

That was the part I had avoided up until now.

I am your Goodwill Gal.  When I get the purge urge, I typically load up some sacks or boxes and head over to Goodwill or the local donation center.  For several years, I gathered my donation receipts and they helped once tax season rolled around. 

I never found it worth my time to go to all the work for a garage sale.

With my latest purge before we moved 2 weeks ago (another story!), I had that overwhelming feeling that a lot needed to go.  Too much stuff!!  So, we began loading up the garage and made the decision to give the good old garage sale venue a chance to prove itself.

The weekend turned out pretty good weather wise.  That Friday was clear all day and we got to about 10 AM on Saturday before the rain came.  Our sale was actually inside the garage, but the traffic slowed down so much after 10 that it wasn't worth my time.

Both days were interesting.  It was nice to be up early with my coffee and watch the sunrise.  It was Spring Break, so my kids had lots of outside time that Friday.  They even ran a little lemonade stand, earning themselves $6 to split betwen them.  And we sold 9 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!  Never hurts to try!  The people came in waves which was fine with me. 

It was both amusing and shocking to see what people expected me to let them pay for my stuff.  At one point after a frustrating encounter, I mentioned on FB that garage sales were not charitable organizations.  One friend reminded me that I was letting them pay me to haul off my stuff.  Good point, but some of those people were literally wanting stuff for practically free. 

Case in point.  My leather jacket.  Yes, the one my husband didn't want me to get rid of, but also the one that I NEVER.WEAR!  EVER!  It just doesn't feel comfortable.  I did promise to not go below a certain price and I didn't.

It still resides in my closet. 

I have lots of other examples, but you get the point. 

In the end, I think I did pretty good.

Between the two days, we made a little over $350.  I also sold my washer and dryer for $150, so our total bumped up to $500.

All for a good cause.

My new babies.

Meet Harper and Ryder.

(Hey, since I am not having anymore children, I have to somehow use the names my husband vetoed!  Actually, he only vetoed Ryder.  I never got around to trying out Harper on him.)

My old but reliable pair had seen better days in the last 13 years.  I had bought the set before husband and kids, but with the capacity for husband and kids knowing that day would arrive.  They still got the job done, but it took a lot more effort these days.

The washer seems to be doing a great job.  I love drying my clothes with no dryer sheets and pulling out soft, non-static clothes.  We did not get the steam version.  I tried.  These seem to get the job done.

They are so efficient that even my husband has been voluntarily doing laundry.

We so should have gotten those babies sooner!


p.s.  At this point, I am hoping not to do a personal garage sale again.  I am hoping not to have too much stuff again!


Kimmy said...

I like your washer and dryer. I just got a new set too . . . I've been meaning to blog about it, but there's a LONG horrible story to go along with how I managed to obtain my new washer and dryer . . . I have the steam version on my dryer (Maytag), but I would have been happy without it. It hasn't proven itself to be worth the extra money we paid for it. That's my experience so far, two weeks into having my new machine in working order.
You did very well with your garage sale! I personally am a goodwill person too . . . a garage sale seems like so. much. work. And now that we live in the country, it will NEVER happen.

Jenna said...

Love my front loader. Well, love it as much as it is possible to love a washer. Can't wait to hear the moving story. Hope you tell it soon. (hint, hint)

Cara @ Health Home and Happiness said...

I'm so a goodwill girl! I've never done a garage sale either, though I love shopping at them :)

Cyndy said...

You're going to really like your new washer and dryer. We've had ours for three years and they are great. I got the steam version, but have only used it a few times. Mike actually had to talk me into getting these. I'm so tight and since it's just the two of us, I thought they were too high-priced, but I was wrong! They cut my washing time in half, so I have more time to play. Isn't it amazing how we get excited over the little things?