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Menu Plan Recipes

Baja Beef and Beans (Lori)

• 1 1/2 lb. round steak
• 2 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 T. yellow mustard
• 1 t. chili powder
• 1/2 t. salt
• 1/4 t. pepper
• 8 oz. salsa
• 1 chopped onion
• 1 t. beef bouillon
• 1 can of kidney beans
Combine the garlic, mustard, chili powder, salt and pepper. Spread the mixture over the steak, rubbing it in well. Cut the steak into bite-sized pieces. Place in a crockpot and stir in salsa, beef bouillon and onions. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. 30 minutes before serving, stir in drained kidney beans. Serve atop Tex Mex Rice.

Tex Mex Rice (Lori)
• 1 cup rice
• 3/4 cup chopped onion
• 2 T. olive oil
• 1/4 t. pepper
• 2 garlic cloves, minced
• 2 1/2 cup chicken broth
• 1 1/2 t. cumin
• 1 red bell pepper, chopped
Saute onion and garlic in olive oil. Stir in rice and saute until rice is slightly browned. Add broth and bring to a boil. Add spices. Simmer, covered, for 20 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in red pepper. Let it stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Baked Shrimp Scampi

• 1 cup butter
• 2 tablespoons prepared Dijon-style mustard
• 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
• 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
• 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
• 2 pounds medium raw shrimp, shelled, deveined, with tails attached

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).
2. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the butter, mustard, lemon juice, garlic, and parsley. When the butter melts completely, remove from heat.
3. Arrange shrimp in a shallow baking dish. Pour the butter mixture over the shrimp.
4. Bake in preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes or until the shrimp are pink and opaque.

Beef Burgandy


• 3 slices bacon, diced
• 1 lb boneless beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch pieces
• 2 garlic cloves, minced
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
• 12 ounces mushrooms, halved
• 1 (14 ounce) can beef broth
• 1 1/2 cups dry red wine, such as cabernet sauvignon
• 10 ounces small white pearl onions, peeled (about 24)
• 1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme or 1 sprig fresh thyme
• 1/4 cup flour
• 1/4 cup water


Cook bacon in a heavy 4 qrt Dutch oven or large saucepan over medium heat until crisp. Transfer bacon with slotted spoon to a medium bowl; set aside.
Brown meat with garlic, transferring it to a plate. Sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper.

Add mushrooms to drippings in pan; cook 3- 4 minutes or until mushrooms are browned, stirring frequently. Transfer mushrooms to bowl with bacon. Set aside.
Return meat with any juices to pan; add onions, broth, wine, and thyme. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to low. Cover; simmer 1 hour.

Combine flour and water, mixing until smooth. Stir into meat mixture. Stir in reserved mushroom mixture. Bring to a boil; reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, 34- 40 minutes or until meat is tender and sauce thickens, stirring occasionally.
Serve over noodles, rice or potatoes, if desired.

Beef Stroganoff, a la Mudlark


2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
8 oz. sliced baby portabella mushrooms
1 medium onion, chopped coarsely
1 lb stew beef or steak cut into cubes
1 can Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom soup
1/4 c. Sherry or white wine
1 large dollop of sour cream
Cooked rice, mashed potatoes, or egg noodles

Heat olive oil in large skillet. Add mushrooms and saute while you cut the onion (a couple minutes?), then add the onion. Saute until mushrooms give off their fluid and onion starts to become translucent. Add beef and cook over high heat 1-2 minutes, or until beef is mostly browned, stirring frequently. Lower heat and add soup and sherry. Cover and simmer 10-15 minutes. Stir in sour cream just before serving for maximum flavor. Serve over your choice of yummy, high carb starches - rice, mashed potatoes, or egg noodles. If you want to get all fancy and stuff add a fresh sprig of dill or parsley.

Chicken Parmesean

• 6 chicken breasts halves
• 1/4 cup milk
• 1 egg, beaten
• bread crumbs, enough for coating the chicken
• 3 T. cooking oil
• 1 jar spaghetti sauce
• 2 cups parmesan cheese, shredded (not the kind in a can!)

Pound the chicken breasts to about 1/4 inch thickness. Mix together the milk and beaten egg. Dip the chicken into the milk and egg mixture and then into the bread crumbs. Coat well, making sure the crumbs get into every nook and cranny.
Heat oil in a frying pan over med-high heat. Saute the chicken, approximately 7 minutes per side. Try not to turn it more than once as this will break up the coating.

Lay the chicken in a single layer in a 9 x 13 baking dish. Pour spaghetti sauce over top (I like a lot of sauce, some people like less). Top each chicken breast with a good amount of the Parmesan cheese.

Cover the dish with foil and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Remove foil for the last 5-10 minutes to brown up the cheese a little. The chicken will come out tender and delicious!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

• 1 can cream of chicken soup
• 1 soup can of water
• 1 can chicken broth
• 1 can Rotel tomatoes
• 1 can chopped green chilies (optional; don't add this if you don't want the soup too spicy)
• 1 14 oz. can diced tomatoes
• 2 cups cubed cooked chicken (canned, leftover, or frozen)
• 12 corn tortillas, sliced into strips
• Shredded cheese (cheddar or Monterey Jack)
• Tortilla chips, crushed (optional)


Add all the ingredients into the pot, except the tortillas and cheese. Bring to a boil and simmer about 15 minutes. Add the tortilla strips and cook about 15 minutes more. Serve with cheese and tortilla chips, if desired. Also good with a side dish of guacamole.

Notes: The Rotel tomatoes come in mild or original. Use the mild if you're not into hot foods. It's easy and very filling on a cold evening!

Number of Servings: 4
Submitted by: proudarmymom ( See all of proudarmymom Recipes )

Easy Creamy Spinach Ravioli (Tanya)

Prep: 10 min. Total: 20 min.

2 pkg. (9 oz. each) refrigerated cheese ravioli
1/2 cup (1/2 of 8 oz. tub) Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread
1 cup milk
1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan Cheese, divided
4 cups baby spinach leaves
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh dill
Grated peel from 1 lemon
6 cherry tomatoes, quartered

Cook pasta as directed on package.

Meanwhile, place cream cheese spread in large skillet. Add milk; cook on medium heat 1 to 2 min. or until cream cheese is melted and mixture is well blended, stirring frequently. Add 1/4 cup of the Parmesan cheese, the spinach, dill and lemon peel; mix well.

Drain pasta. Add to cream cheese sauce; toss to coat. Serve topped with tomatoes and remaining 2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese.

Makes 6 servings, 1 cup each.
Recipe from Kraft Food & Family Spring 2008 issue.

There are few tweaks I hope to make the next time I decide to cook this dish.

1. Instead of cheese ravioli, I would like to use bow-tie pasta or some other bite-sized pasta. The cheese ravioli was just too heavy.
2. Add 1/4 to 1/2 pound of crumbled bacon. (mmmm, I love bacon.)
3. Add the spinach when adding the cooked pasta, so it is wilted but not cooked.

Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup

6-8 Potatoes
4 C Water
1 C Milk
1 C Sour cream
Cheddar cheese

Crock Pot Chicken W/ Black Beans and Cream Cheese...yum!
Recipe #89204
4 hours 3 min prep

4-5 boneless chicken breasts
1 (15 1/2 ounce) can black beans
1 (15 ounce) can corn
1 (15 ounce) jar salsa, any kind
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

1. Take 4-5 frozen, yes, frozen, boneless chicken breasts put into crock pot.
2. add 1 can of black beans, drained, 1 jar of salsa, 1 can of corn drained.
3. Keep in crock pot on high for about 4-5 hours or until chicken is cooked.
4. Add 1 package of cream cheese (just throw it on top!) and let sit for about 1/2 hour.
5. All done and enjoy!

Crock Pot Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Recipe #16531
½ day 10 min prep

1 large chicken, cut into serving pieces
1 cup packed brown sugar
2/3 cup vinegar
1/4 cup Sprite or 7-Up soda
2-3 tablespoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon pepper (regular black or cayenne)

1. Place chicken in crock pot.
2. Mix all remaining ingredients and pour over chicken.
3. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
4. Serve over rice or noodles.
5. You can thicken the juices after cooking with a little cornstarch.

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken
Recipe #43174
6¼ hours 10 min prep

1 frying chicken, cut up
2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine
salt and pepper, to taste
2 tablespoons dry Italian salad dressing
1 (10 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
6 ounces cream cheese, cut into cubes
1/2 cup sauterne white wine or sherry wine
1 tablespoon chopped onions

1. Brush chicken with butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
2. Place in a crock pot and sprinkle dry mix over all.
3. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 7 hours.
4. About 45 minutes before done, mix soup, cream cheese, wine, and onion in a small saucepan.
5. Cook until smooth.
6. Pour over the chicken and cover and cook another 45 minutes.
7. Spoon sauce over pieces when serving.

Crock Pot Shredded Beef

• 1 2-3 lb sirloin beef roast
• 1 12 oz can beef broth
• 1 pkg dry onion soup mix
• 1 cup water
• 1/4 cup tomato sauce
• 1 tsp dried red pepper
• 1 tsp cumin
• 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
• 1 tsp salt and white pepper
• 2 tbsp olive oil

Brown beef roast in cast iron skillet with olive oil until brown on all sides. This step adds a lot of extra flavor. When browned, place beef in slow cooker or medium sized crock pot. Mix spices with tomato sauce. Pour sauce, water, broth over beef and cook on high for 5-6 hours or medium for 8 hours. When most of liquid has been absorbed and meat is easily torn apart with a fork serve with a good crusty roll or over rice.

Notes: Great to make the night before or while you're at work.
Number of Servings: 4-6 people
Submitted by: M. Demmler ( See all of M. Demmler Recipes )

Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers (Zucchini)

• 6 green sweet peppers
• 1/2 medium onion
• 1 pound lean ground beef
• 1 package chicken flavored rice and vermicelli mix (Rice-a-Roni)
• 1 cup frozen corn
• 1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
• 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (low moisture, part skim) (4 ounces)
• Nonstick cooking spray
• 1 8-oz can tomato sauce


Wash green peppers and cut tops off. Clean out seeds from inside of peppers. Chop the tops of the peppers and set aside. Chop the onion. Saute ground beef in skillet until lightly brown. Drain off grease. Add beef back to skillet and saute with chopped onions and chopped pepper tops until peppers start to soften. In medium bowl, add Rice-a-Roni, beef mixture, corn, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and cheese. Mix well. Scoop mixture evenly into the six peppers. Lightly coat the inside of the crock pot with cooking spray for easy cleanup. Place the filled peppers in the slow cooker. Pour the tomato sauce evenly over the peppers. Cook for 6 to 8 hours on low-heat setting or 3 to 4 hours on high-heat setting.

Notes: Colorful presentation and great tasting autumn recipe.
Number of Servings: 6
Submitted by: Rayma ( See all of Rayma Recipes )

Crockpot Hearty Beef Chili Recipe

"New Flavors from your Crockery Cooker" by Better Homes and Gardens

1 29-ounce can tomatoes, cut up
1 10 ounce can chopped tomatoes and green chili peppers
2 c. vegetable juice or tomato juice
1-2 tbsp. chili powder
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. dried oregano, crushed
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2 lbs. beef or pork stew meat, cut into 1" cubes
2 c. chopped onion
1 1/2 c. chopped celery
1 c. chopped green pepper
2 15-ounce cans black, kidney, and/or garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed
Toppers such as shredded Mexican cheese or cheddar cheese, dairy sour cream, thinly sliced green onion, snipped cilantro, thinly sliced jalapeno peppers, and/or sliced pitted ripe olives (optional)

In a 6 quart crockery cooker combine both cans of undrained tomatoes, vegetables or tomato juice, chili powder, cumin, oregano, and garlic. Stir in the meat, onion, celery, and sweet pepper.

Cover; cook on low-heat setting for 8 to 10 hours or on high heat setting for 4 to 5 hours. If using low heat setting, turn to high heat setting. Stir in the beans; cook 15 minutes more. Spoon into bowls. If desired, serve with toppers.

Makes 10 servings* Prep time: 20 min.

Nutrition facts perserving: 224 calories, 6 g total fat (2 g saturated fat), 49 mg cholesterol, 807 mg sodium, 24 g carbohydrate, 6 g fiber, 24 g protein. Daily values: 16% vitamin A, 66% vitamin C, 7% calcium, 28% iron.

Curry Cajun Chicken (Lori)

• 1/3 cup honey
• 3 tbs water
• 3 tbs made mustard
• 2 tbs butter, melted
• 2 tsp Cajun seasoning
• 2 tsp curry powder
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• 4 chicken breasts

Combine all ingredients, except for chicken, in a shallow baking dish that will fit the chicken breasts. Add chicken, turn to coat with the sauce. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until no longer pink inside. Use pan drippings as a sauce for potatoes or rice.

Easy Chicken Puffs (Fried Okra)

2 cups cooked, diced chicken (I usually grill or cook extra chicken sometime when I'm already making it for a family meal and then make a batch of puffs in the next couple of days.)
8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature (I use the herb and chive flavored cream cheese, because it is NUMMY in the puffs, but you could use plain as well.)
1 tube of 8 refrigerated bake-and-serve crescent rolls
1/4 cup diced onion
1 Tbsp. olive or vegetable oil
4 Tbsp. seasoned dry bread crumbs
4 tsp. butter


Slowly cook onion in oil on stovetop, allowing it to caramelize slightly. Stir onion and cream cheese into diced chicken. Carefully remove roll dough from tube and divide into 4 portions of 2 triangles each. Pat connecting seams of each pair of rolls together and stretch lightly to form 4 squares of dough. Place 1/2 cup of chicken mixture in the center of each square, then gently pull corners up around chicken and pinch all seams together so they're sealed tightly.

Freezing for later use:

Place four little chicken puffs seam-side down on a tray that has been lightly oiled or covered with parchment. Place tray in freezer and allow puffs to freeze solid, then remove from tray and store in a tightly sealed container or plastic freezer bag.


Allow puffs to thaw. Preheat oven to temperature specified on the roll packaging and bake for 15 minute or until dough is cooked but not yet browned. Remove from oven and place one teaspoon butter on each puff, then top the butter with a tablespoon of breadcrumbs. Return puffs to the oven for remainder of cooking time - 5 or 10 minutes.

Easy Crock Pot Lasagna
Recipe #144144
4¾ hours 45 min prep

1 lb ground beef
1 medium onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 (29 ounce) can tomato sauce
1 cup water
1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon dried oregano
8 ounces lasagna noodles, uncooked
4 cups mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 1/2 cups small curd cottage cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated

1. Brown beef, add onion and garlic - cook until onion is softened.
2. Stir in tomato sauce, water, tomato paste, salt and oregano - mix well.
3. Spread one fourth of the meat sauce in an ungreased slow cooker. Arrange one third of the noodles over the sauce.
4. Combine the cheeses.
5. Spoon one third of the cheese mixture over the noodles.
6. Repeat layers twice.
7. Top with remaining meat sauce.
8. Cover and cook on low 4-5 hours

Hash Brown Casserole

• 1 lb ground beef-cooked
• 1 (10 ounce) can undiluted cream of mushroom soup
• 3/4 cup milk
• 3/4 cup sour cream
• 1/3 cup melted butter
• 1 teaspoon seasoning salt
• 1 teaspoon ground black pepper (or to taste)
• 2 teaspoons garlic powder
• 3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese, divided
• 2 cups grated cheddar cheese (more to top after baking if desired)
• 1 small onion, chopped
• 2-3 green onions, chopped
• 1 (2 lb) bag frozen hash browns, thawed


Set oven to 350°F. Butter a 13x9-inch casserole dish.
In a large bowl stir together the undiluted soup, milk, sour cream, melted butter, seasoned salt, black pepper, garlic powder and 1/4 cup parmesan cheese; whisk or mix until well combined.

Mix in the cheddar cheese, onions and hash browns. Spread into prepared baking dish. Sprinkle with about 1/2 cup parmesan cheese.

Bake uncovered for 40 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

If desired sprinkle about 2 cups grated chedar cheese on top and return to oven for 3minutes to melt the cheese.

Poppy Seed Chicken

4-6 chicken breasts; cooked, diced or shredded
8 oz sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 TBLS poppy seeds
Ritz crackers; crushed
1 stick butter

Cook chicken then lay in bottom of dish . Mix other 3 ingredients together and spread over chicken. Spread layer of crushed crackers over dish. Drizzle butter over dish. Bake for 30 min at 350 degrees.

Roast Sticky Chicken (Lori)

4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. thyme
1 tsp. white pepper
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 cup chopped onions
1 large roasting chicken

Rinse & dry chicken. Combine spices and mix well; rub onto chicken, both inside and out. Place chicken in a large, resealable bag and chill overnight. Place in shallow pan and roast uncovered at 250 degrees for 5 hours. After the first hour, baste every half hour with the pan juices.

Shepherd’s Pie

1.5 pounds ground beef
Can of corn
1 C hot water
2 C milk
1, 8 oz sour cream
½ stick butter
½ C shredded cheddar cheese

Cook beef; add seasoning while browning; spread in 9x13 dish.
Cover beef with corn.
Combine potatoes, water, milk, sour cream; spread over corn.
Drizzle butter on top.
Cook for 30 min in 350 degree oven. Add cheese. Cook for 5 more minutes.

Steak & Spinach Pinwheels (Lori)

1 lb. very thinly sliced round steak
1 pkg. frozen spinach
8 oz. shredded Parmesan cheese (not the kind from the can - it's just not the same here)
salt & pepper to taste

Thaw and drain well the spinach. I like to squeeze it in order to make sure that all the moisture is out of it. Take one slice of beef and spread a thin layer of spinach over it. Top with cheese and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Roll up beef slices and secure rolls with toothpicks. Cut through rolls into slices, forming pinwheel shapes. Each roll should yield about three pinwheels. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until beef cooks through. Serve.

I find that the Parmesan cheese adds a really nice tang to the beef and spinach. I've also used mozzarella when I'm short on the Parmesan and had good results.

Stuffed Shells Florentine

• 1 box of jumbo shells, cooked al dente
• 2 tsp. olive oil
• 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
• 1/2 bag of baby spinach, chopped
• 1 egg, beaten
• 1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese
• 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
• salt & pepper to taste
• 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
• 1 jar spaghetti sauce

Saute onion in olive oil until translucent. Add spinach and saute a few more minutes, until spinach is wilted. Set aside. Mix egg, ricotta cheese and Parmesan cheese. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg. Stir in spinach and onion mixture. Pour enough spaghetti sauce into the bottom of a 9x13 pan to create a thin layer. Stuff pasta shells with cheese mixture and place into pan. Top with additional sauce. Bake for 40minutes at 350 degrees.

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