Monday, February 26, 2007


I didn't start out watching Grey's Anatomy. I caught a piece of an episode now and then since the first season. I had vowed to not add another tv show to my schedule and have actually spent the past two years cutting down on my brain-numbing viewing pleasures. I stayed with a few favorites and had a few guilty pleasures from time to time, but otherwise, as much as Grey's looked good I just couldn't do it.

I am not sure when it happened, but I finally got smart! I ended up watching a few episodes in succession and was hooked. And since I am a Netflix lover, I quickly worked my way from the beginning as I stayed tuned to each episode this past fall.

I don't ask for much really. I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I change diapers, I entertain, I chauffer, I work, you know the rest. All I really ask is for a little alone time with McDreamy and the rest of my friends from 8-9pm on Thursday nights. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so!

McMommy is about to have a toddler-sized meltdown if McHubby and McChildren don't get start avoiding the family room at all costs starting tomorrow night. I just want to say, "Step away quietly yet quickly before someone gets hurt here!". It is like me and the family room are some big McMagnet at about 7:58pm. Even though all is well before that-children playing pleasantly in their rooms or upstairs, husband off somewhere in the house-something in the universe changes at that time. Seriously, it is like that mommy/telephone problem we have. All is quiet and happy, the phone rings, mommy answers, it's mommy's friend or possibly the pest control service or if I am really lucky then I am just about to win an all-expense paid vacation if all I do is let some guy come clean that uncleanable spot on the carpet (it will only take 1 hour, i mean 15 minutes). You know the problem. That is when the fighting, crying, begging, tugging, pulling starts.

Sorry, I diverted from the real problem at hand. Anyway, back to 7:58-9pm. Here is a small window for you:

  • daughter- Can I please have my very last snack? I promise. I am really still hungry. (10 minutes after dinner, of course)
  • son- I wont (want) to watch Whitnenmckeen (Lighting McQueen). Pleasssssssssssssssssse.
  • husband- Strangely, no where to be found.
  • the next hour is then filled with playing, jumping, singing, truck noises, you name it.
  • husband comes to take kids upstairs followed by wailing for mommy by children.

In the end, I am sharing McDreamy with my daughter (who at 5 is of course asking why there is blood) and my son (who at 2 1/2 keeps telling me they are sick) and my husband- no wait, he disappeared again.

Maybe this week will be different!


p.s. for anyone concerned that about me "letting" my kids watch with me. i do have the remote handy for those times when it is wise to click over for a minute to some channel doing dog tricks or something.


jennjo3 said...

Okay, I am laughing so hard because this is my life! Tivo makes it all better, though! I have actually just resurrected my blog, too. I figure if my mom can blog and Jennifer O. started one, then I should too. I mean, I will be home a lot for maternity leave to post pics of a new baby! Oh, by the way, I am home on bedrest now until the doc induces me on Friday. Oh, joy! Actually, I am trying to finish all of my grad school work for this course I am in before Friday. Well, that's what I should be doing . . .

Jennifer H. said...

So, I logged into the wrong account last comment. This should have the link to my blog with it. Also, once I remember how to add links to my page, I will link you on my page! I remember it being difficult, though. I also need to add my mom and Jenn O.