Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, you must think I am kidding, but I can't not document Christmas!

These are not nearly all the pictures.  I may come back and add more just for my personal "scrapbooking", but these will do for now!

My son's class performed at one of the local banks in December.  They sang several songs and recited Luke 2:1-14.  They had practiced A LOT and my L took ever opportunity to practice at home, in the car, you name it!  (He is still singing Christmas songs from time to time!!)  These kids were amazing....they had really memorized it all!  I had heard L practicing "Happy Birthday Jesus" solo (and loved it), but to hear their sweet voices sing it all together!  Well, of course I had tears in my eyes!

At an extended family Christmas gathering.  As you can see, the big kids are ready to dig into presents! 

The kids were so excited for Daddy to open his present from them!  A neck massager.  Not that he had a clue or anything.  Just a few hours earlier, A had asked him if his neck still hurt.  When he answered yes, she exclaimed, "Well, not after Christmas!!".

I love this sweet picture!

This is actually an re-enactment, but the real thing was so stinkin' funny that I made them do it for a picture.  There is still a little authenticity in this one!  At the store, L had remembered that sister wanted a "sewing kit" and asked if he could get it for her.  Awwww!  She got another bigger one from her great-grandmother, so she is ready to sew!

"What?  The box isn't my present?"


There is so much I could say about commercialism by just using this one little picture!  Actually, I just might talk about that at a later date.

My girl still loves dress up, so I picked this up for 75% off after Halloween.  Check out little brother checking her out!

Another one of her requests...this ensemble is part of her "cooking kit" that Santa brought for her, including a few cookbooks and some cooking tools.  She has already blessed us with her talents, including a full meal for us!

He loves Ben 10.  Santa is all-knowing!

I usually try to pick up matching things for the cousins at off-season shopping prices.  They are some cool dudes!

Boots all around!

Tissue paper heaven!

Let me just say, that this is going to be love-hate-love relationship for years to come! 

Pillow case dresses that I made the girls.  One little missy was in no mood for pictures!

So, we settled on these two beauties!


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Beth said...

Fun post, It was great fun having the whole family at home for the holidays!