Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ain't no stopping me now...I'm on the move! (UPDATE with pictures!)

Hello Everyone!!

Well, hang onto your hats everyone, I got stories to tell! Hard to believe I have now been on the outside as long as I was on the inside! :)

Mommy prefers to type in the list format, so I am going to let her since she is so good to me!

I had my 9-month check-up last Friday and the doctor says that I am a keeper! I am officially 20 pounds and 27 3/4 long! I had the sniffles that day, so she checked me out extra good. Probably just a combination of allergies and teething.

Nope! No teeth yet!! Apparently, my gums are swollen but nothing yet. Oh well, that doesn't stop me from taste-testing anything I can get in my hands and to my mouth. And watch out, I am quick!'

I have a hard time breathing at night like my brother and sister did, so Mommy and Daddy are wondering if I will need my adnoids (and maybe tonsils) out eventually. Mommy says that I snore as bad as Daddy! We do have this neat air-blowing machine in our room now called an humidifer that is supposed to help.

Eating is still one of my favorite pasttimes! All the same favorites plus a few new ones this last month. Mommy likes to make gluten-free pancakes and pasta, so she let me try it too. YUM! I love to scrabble up the pieces and shove them in my mouth as fast as I can. Mommy found out that I like to feed myself too! If she gives me (I grab from her!) the spoon with food on it, I flip it over and swipe the food off with my tongue. Of course, then I bang, bang for more! :)

Mommy also got me some special cups to try out. They are fun to throw on the floor too! I am still love to nurse, but I like my bottles and cups so I can do things myself as well.

I can crawl faster than you can blink. Go ahead, try it!

My favorite new gadget is my little push toy. Can I hear you holler "FREEDOM!"!! I feel like Dora the Explorer. Oh, wait, I don't even know who that is yet! Never mind! I love to check out different rooms, especially when people are hiding from me.

I decided to stand without holding onto anything right before I turned 9 months old. I am not sure why, but everyone always claps when I do it. Go figure that big people were so easy to entertain! It didn't take me long to want to do it all the time. Now, I like to stand, squat, stand. I will do that forever when I am playing with my books since I like to drop them on the floor. They say that weight-bearing exercises are good for you, so my new thing is to squat down, pick things up, then stand up and hold them real high. Just call me Heman!

No steps yet. Mommy wants me to slow down, but I am still thinking I might beat my sister's 10-month walking record! Oh well, I am having fun standing and clapping anyway!

I love to play at the windows, especially when brother and sister are outside where I can see them. When they are at school, I just like to talk to the birds and squirrels. They don't much like it when I bang on the window, though.

I experienced my first snow! There was lots and lots of the white stuff on the ground and the trees. So pretty! The big kids played outside in it, but I just wanted to see it. Daddy let me touch it once, but it was too cold for me. I was happy to watch them build a snowman from my window.

I love to listen to music, or my brother sing real loud! It makes me bounce my legs and booty, something they call dancing. I will even clap to the music or when you say "yea!!".

I talk a lot! If you try to talk to me, I might act shy at first, but I warm up real fast.

Mommy loves that I think things are funny. She says that I have a great laugh. Sometimes, I even laugh for no reason, but whatever I am thinking must be pretty funny!

When I am going to sleep or hanging out in your lap, I twirl my right foot in circles. Yep, always my right foot!

Mommy and I like to play face games in the mirror. It's weird that I have two Mommies sometimes! I get super excited when she lets me stand on the sink and play at the bathroom mirror.

I love watching for people to come in the door. I am always excited to see brother and sister and I always give Daddy a big grin when he comes home.

Guess it is time to go play!

See you soon!



Practicing for the Army
Helping Mommy in the kitchen...right!

Why yes, I do look just like my sister with a bow on my head!

Go, Go Baby!

You are in my way dude!

Ready for the keys!

Toes hard at work!

Making animal noises

More cute toes!


Cyndy said...

He's growing up way too fast! I hope you print this off and put it in his baby book!

kelli said...

You make gluten free pancakes and pasta? How did I not remember you guys are gf? Is this new?

And yay B! Such a big boy! :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! 9 MONTHS! Things are about to get REALLY fun. love that age.