Monday, March 19, 2007

Supporting the troops- the SAHM & WAHM troops that is.

I need to do some work to figure out the best way to organize my blog site, but for now I wanted to quickly mention a few things.

I am going to have a place (currently called Really Great Things I Like) on my blog where you can link to websites that have cool things I like and would like to pass along to you. Right now, it is intended to be friends or new people I run across that have a business with products I either have and have used personally or that come highly recommended by many others. Eventually, I would like to add websites that have good information or resources for you. Thus, my first addition is from Wendy at who makes her own fun jewelry and other accessories. You won't be disappointed. I have her listed on the side but wanted to mention what you might actually find there.

Second, be sure to check in at occasionally because they are always mentioning products they love and sponsoring contests to win the featured products. This might be a way to not only win something great, but also get your wares advertised on their website. They love to support SAHM by doing this. Right now, there is a contest featuring cute handsewn skirts- find them at, but go to the first website to enter the contest.

Good luck!!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

Just dropping by from the contest at 5 minutes for mom. Very cute blog!

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by!